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Southeast Etobicoke Residential Travel Survey Results

“Councillor Milczyn wanted to share this information with your organizations. Please find attached the details of the South Etobicoke Residential Travel Survey.
Of note is the statistic that GO Train usage has remained unchanged while TTC usage has increased significantly.  This indicates that more needs to be done to make GO an attractive alternative to more local residents.”

Download the Results of the 2012 South East Etobicke Travel Survey [pdf]

1 thought on “Southeast Etobicoke Residential Travel Survey Results”

  1. It is difficult to use this survey as definitive for area needs or for GO service. the questions are not provided. It only surveyed a small pocket of Etobicoke, and the questions ( surmised from results) did not focus on GO travel. Still it isn’t hard to suggest that a shuttle bus to the GO station would drive greater use.

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