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About Mimico

Proud of the Past & Confident about the Future

The community of Mimico, with its scenic lakefront, its turn-of-the-20th century homes, the Vimy Ridge Park, and the stately mansions on Lake Shore Blvd all tell the tale of a deeply-rooted history. The town of Mimico evolved from a little sawmill settlement at the mouth of Mimico Creek, and into the gateway to Toronto’s west-end waterfront neighbourhoods where work and play equally matter to residents.

Mimico is now a vibrant community where people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and occupations have chosen to live together and call home. Mimico has all the advantages of small-town Ontario – recreational facilities and a good hockey program, neighbourhood grocers, and trendy boutiques and eateries – all the while being a short commute from downtown Toronto. Its traditions and its unique atmosphere give Mimico a warm flavour of its own, different from any other place in the City of Toronto.

Historic Town of Mimico - 1856
Historic Town of Mimico – 1856

The Metropolitan Toronto Region Conservation Authority has established two wetland habitats in the area – Humber Bay Park and Mimico Linear Park, as well as ponds for many birds and fishing. Mimico and the surrounding area have been home to community events each year, such are the Party in the Park, the Mimico Tulip Festival, Mimico Pumpkin Parade, Mimico Tree Lighting Festival, and the Lake Shore Santa Claus Parade, all opportunities for the residents of Mimico to show their community spirit. These events attract thousands of participants each year.

Friendly hospitality, community spirit, commerce, the sparkling waters of Lake Ontario, the old and the new, all come together to provide residents, businesses and visitors with treasured amenities and comfortable surroundings.

Finally, for those who have often wondered, the town name “Mimico” is derived from the Ojibwe word “omiimiikaa” meaning “abundant with wild pigeons” (c.f. 19th century Mississaugas omiimii, “pigeon”). The pigeon after which Mimico was named was the Passenger Pigeon. (From Wikipedia)