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Board of Directors


Rozhen AsraniPresident
Board member since: 2022

Rozhen made the move to Mimico from North York with her wife Kelly in 2021 after visiting the area and falling in love with its beautiful waterfront trails, parks and scenery. With a professional background in corporate strategy management, she joined the MRA to make a positive contribution to this diverse and vibrant community. She can often be found grabbing a bite to eat at one of the amazing local restaurants and running or biking along the waterfront trail and Humber Bay Park West. 

Mike Majeski – Vice President
Board member since: 2020

Michael moved to the area in 2007 after falling in love with the quaint lakeside feel. He has a tremendous amount of respect for this diverse and inclusive community and has always felt a responsibility to be actively involved in community affairs. Michael runs a small local business and has a passion for design and construction. He lives in Mimico with his wife, son and pup. Michael is proud to be a part of this association and looks forward to growing the communication on behalf of the residents of Mimico and fostering the community spirit.

Emma Park – Treasurer
Board Member since: 2020

Emma is a CA, CPA and a relatively new resident of Mimico. She is the Treasurer of MRA and loves to actively participate and engage in the community. Emma can often be found walking her dog Geri by Mimico Memorial Park or Mimico Waterfront Park.

Lauren FactoSecretary
Board member since: 2021

Lauren recently moved to Mimico with her husband and dog Boomer from downtown Toronto in fall of 2020. She was drawn to the area because of its unique balance of urban and suburban qualities, along with its access to transit, bike paths and waterfront. Professionally, Lauren works for a residential real estate developer in Toronto and hopes to use this knowledge and experience to help manage new development in the area. She also hopes to focus on community events, environmental awareness and food security through urban agriculture.

Jim Foster
Board member since: 2022

Jim has lived in Mimico with his family since 2007 and hopes to never leave!  His wife is a local school teacher.  He is also a partner in an executive recruitment company serving leaders in nonprofits and charities. He also loves to coach the next generation towards clarity about their strengths and vocational direction. They love to walk their dog by the lake, go biking, and hang out at Jimmy’s Cafe. 

Phillip Stainton
Board member since: 2021

Phillip’s family history in Mimico dates back almost a century and after years away he happily returned in 2018. His connection to Mimico is firmly entrenched and even within his short time back he is already very involved with many of the local clubs and activities that make the community so unique. He hopes to be even a small part of shaping mimico as it moves forward and undergoes exciting growth and change. Phillip is a Marketing & Advertising entrepreneur working across many sectors including construction development.

John Stephenson
Board member since: 2021

John can be seen “forest-bathing” along the waterfront trail and Humber park with his two dogs, one white, one black, usually at least once a day in winter and three or more times a day in other seasons. As a retired senior, he appreciates this lakeside, multi-ethnic, down-to-earth community (like the Beach, without excessive commercialization and gentrification). Having enjoyed a long and lucky career as a professional engineer, it’s time to give something back. That’s also why he serves as Toronto West Chapter Leader of Citizens Climate Lobby Canada.

Neil Arcot
Board member since: 2021

Neil has been living in Mimico since 2018 with his wife and young daughter. He has worked as an engineer in the electricity industry for several years. In his spare time, he enjoys watching sports (Go Raps!) and is learning to play the ukulele. He joined the MRA Board to help organize community initiatives and improve Mimico for all. He also holds the title of Editor-in-Chief of the MRA Newsletter, a truly informative publication. Subscribe to the Newsletter to learn more!

Tim Ellis
Board member since: 2019

Tim is a writer, rave DJ, and community organizer. Originally from New York, he moved to Etobicoke-Lakeshore in 2012 and promptly fell in love with the area. He works at Leadnow, a non-profit advocacy org, and continues to keep up his music career as well. He volunteers extensively, serving as Vice-Chair of Democrats Abroad Toronto, co-founder of Etobicoke Climate Action, volunteer coordinator for the Grilled Cheese Challenge, and a training instructor for grassroots organizations.

David Thornley
Board member since: 2022

David has worked in both government and the community sector and has a deep understanding of both social policy and research issues related to community health, poverty reduction, affordable housing, and digital literacy.  He believes we can create vibrant and caring communities that include everyone. He has lived in Mimico since 2017.  

The MRA Board and Friends – June 2022