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About the MRA

The MRA Board and friends

About the MRA

The Mimico Residents’ Association has a mission to represent and advocate for Mimico residents, foster a greater sense of community, and help improve Mimico by supporting activities that enhance the quality of life in our community.

We do that by organizing fun local events, monitoring developments in the area, championing projects and issues that matter to our community, working directly with our elected representatives and connecting with you.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Inclusivity: We recognize that our community is diverse and made up of different groups with different priorities and perspectives; in all cases, we endeavour to advocate for the common good across these groups and, where possible, will avoid “taking sides” or a hard line on divisive issues
  • Positivity: Our work focuses on the positive aspects of our community and opportunities to make Mimico a better place to live for all; as much as possible, we avoid excessive focus on criticism and negative perspectives
  • Transparency: In order to fulfil our commitment to representing the Mimico community, we embed openness, accountability, and transparency into all activities so that we can maintain credibility and trust within the community

Our Board
A group of 10-12 volunteers compose the MRA Board of Directors and manages the activities of the MRA, including planning events, engaging in advocacy on current issues, monitoring developments and engaging with the community members. A new board is elected yearly at our Annual General Meeting, and we welcome applications from our membership.

Membership – Join the MRA
We welcome all residents of Mimico to join the Mimico Residents’ Association. Membership costs $10 per year and enables us to fulfill our mission and effectively serve the Mimico community. Paid membership also affords us a certain amount of political legitimacy and accountability. The MRA is also a registered non-profit, so we must report on our activities and stay financially accountable.

Get in Touch!
If you live in Mimico and want to get more connected and involved in the community, we encourage you to sign up for our quarterly Newsletter and look for us on Facebook and Instagram. If you like what you see, please consider joining the MRA.

Our Borders

The Mimico Residents Association defines our community area as bounded by Lake Ontario to the south, Park Lawn Road to the east, Dwight Avenue or Ourland Avenue to the west, and the Q.E.W. / Gardiner Expressway to the north in the region of Toronto, Ontario.


Information Brochure (see 2 pages)