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September 2020 Meeting Minutes

MRA Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, September 17th, 2020
19:30 – Virtual meeting

Attended: Tim Ellis, Mike Majeski, Heather Mak, Adam Matheson, Emma Park, Mostafa Shahein, James Stack and member guest, Kevin

1. Quorum and Meeting Opening – Mike
2. Motion to approve August minutes – Emma approved, seconded by Tim
3. Fireworks in the community – Mostafa

New community group named Etobicoke Fireworks Remediation Group – they are looking to:
– push policies against fireworks at out of allowed times
– restrict the sale to certain date
– bring community awareness
– protect wildlife/animals
– Toronto should join other major cities that are for fireworks restrictions.

They have a petition that will be sent to City Hall – almost at the 800 signatures required.
Do we have a stand on this? Group agreed our extent of involvement we be to bring awareness to this petition in the newsletter

4. Campbell’s Soup development– Heather
– Residents have noise concerns as the development plans include 86 truck bays
– Design is for all truck traffic to be coming off New Toronto, only passenger vehicles on Dwight
– Property is being designed so trucks are hidden when they are in loading bays, warehouse will back onto Dwight
– Owned by the BC pension fund – long term investors. Seem like they keen to hear from the community and want to do their part to mitigate their disruption to the community. Planning a “town hall” event so community members can be heard from
– Tenants are yet to be determined
– Can check our Facebook page for more information

5. Gun Violence in Mimico – Mike
How does the MRA voice our concerns over community safety? Mike is willing to write a letterand address it to representatives and stakeholders in our community that can make a difference (councilors, police commissioner)
Mostafa will find the facts of the crimes so we can ensure our letter is based on legitimate fact

6. Road safety
Person killed at Station and Stanley intersection. Community member sent us an email voicing concerns to MRA and Grimes’s office as there have been continued traffic safety issues. Traffic study was done but there has been no implementation of solutions to the findings in the study because of Covid-19.
Mike to draft a follow-up letter to check on the Safety Study to determine where we stand on next steps and plans to implement measures to increase road safety.

7. Doctor/Dentist update – Mostafa

Mostafa will wait until the end of the month for the doctor in our community that he has invited to speak to agree to host an information webinar with Q&A. If this person does not reply we will move on and find specialists outside of Mimico. Adam will reach out Jasmine to find a contact at LAMP and will follow up with the board

8. Christie’s re-development site – Adam
City released a new planning document for the area to reduce the population density and push for a higher proportion of non-residential units. City wants to see more commercial use and more community space and centres. This item will be considered by Planning and Housing Committee on September 22, 2020. It will be considered by City Council on September 30, 2020, subject to the actions of the Planning and Housing Committee. Mike may attend this committee, other board members are welcome.

9. Connecting with Education Trustee, Patrick Nunziata – Tim
Trustee has agreed to meet and host a community webinar. Tim to propose a public Zoom call at 19:30 on Monday, September the 28th. Back up date will be the same time on Wednesday, September the 30th

10. Next Meeting – Thursday, October 15th, 2020 @ 19:30.

Emma to send the invite to the board.
Meeting concluded 20:30

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