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September 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes for MRA Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday September 13, 2018 – Etobicoke Yacht Club



Present: Anne Arthur, Andrew Bridel, Deborah Burgess, Leanne Faber, Leigh Graham, Kate Leslie Johnston , Chris Moore (chair)

Regrets:   Adam Matheson , Lesley Rowe Strong , Kent Schroeder , Cam Smith

  • Quorum obtained; meeting began at 7:40 pm


  • Approval of June minutes
    • Moved by Leigh seconded by Deborah . All in favour – approved.


  • Tree for Me October 14 10:30-12:30 Mimico Square- Kate
    • A discussion took place regarding the upcoming Tree For me event to be hosted by the MRA. Facebook blast for extra trees
    • Decision was made that mulch will not be provided but participants will be encouraged to use on their trees
    • Should there be extra trees after the event, MRA will use different methods to find homes for them including a facebook blast across MRA social media channels etc.
    • Action:
      • Order coffee from Birds and Beans and Provide cost to Kate- Anne
      • Confirm Lakeshore Arts’ level of participation on day of event- Kate
      • Provide Budget for food to Deb- Kate
      • Order and bring food to event- Deb
      • Coordinate remaining details at volunteer event on Sept 29- Kate
      • Bring A frame- Andrew
      • Confirm permit with TFM coordinator- Kate
      • Hand out promotional mailbox materials- Kate, Anne, Leanne, Chris, Deb, Leigh and Andrew.


  • Halloween Dance Planning
    • Proposed date of the event is Oct 26, 2018
    • Group discussed Halloween Dance Planning using last year’s logistics plan as a basis for planning this year’s event.


  • Update on Bill 5 (Better Local Government Act) and MRA letters
    • Letters sent in July outlining MRA’s position to Mark Grimes and Christine Hogarth. Mark Grimes responded outlining his concerns with the proposed legislation his voting record on recent related motions in council. Letter to Christine Hogarth received no response.
    • Follow up letter was sent to Christine Hogarth following the judicial decision declaring Bill 5 unconstitutional and in response to Doug Ford’s stated intent to use the notwithstanding clause to reintroduce the legislation to reduce the size of Toronto City Council. At the time of the Board meeting, no response had been provided to this follow up letter.
    • There was a discussion that while Mimico Residents may be divided on this issue, the Board felt it was in the best interest of the MRA to respond opposing the legislation given that no community consultation had occurred as well as the clear effect it would have on the organization given a significantly larger riding would almost certainly lead to a reduction in dialogue between the MRA and its elected City councillor. There also generally appeared to be support for MRA’s position per comments on social media.
    • At this time the Board will continue to monitor developments on this issue, having determined that no further action was warranted at this time.


  • Update on Road Safety and MRA Letter
    • Kate discussed the developments that had occurred after the MRA sent its letter to Mark Grimes’ office calling on further actions to be taken to improve traffic safety in Mimico.
    • Kate provided an update to the group on the recent motions that were approved in Etobicoke City Council to have comprehensive Traffic Services studies of the general Mimico Area (bounded by Louisa St to the East, Lakeshore Bvld to the South, Cavell Ave to the North and Royal York Rd to the West).
    • MRA will continue to follow up with Mark Grimes’ office to discuss next steps on having Traffic Services conduct the study including possibility for a community “walk through” to point out key areas of concern in advance of the formal study.
    • Action: Kate to follow up with Grimes’ office to discuss next steps.
    • Slow for Mimico will occur on Saturday September 16, 2018 at 55 Stanley Ave (Library Park).
    • Mike Majeski and his team are still looking for volunteers for the event.
    • Action: Kate to send email to Board
      • Chris to share Etobicoke Guardian article promoting the event on MRA fb page


  • Nominating committee in prep for AGM
    • Group discussed the striking of its annual nominating committee to consider Board applicants for the next AGM.
    • Anne to lead Kate to join committee
    • Action: Anne will canvass the rest of the Board members not in attendance at the meeting to determine interest in joining the Nominating Committee.
    • The group discussed briefly the skills that the Board would be seeking in potential candidates eg: Social media. This will be further discussed amongst the nominating committee.


  • Other Business
    • LAMP All candidates debate, October 10, 2018- Adam has volunteered to lead.
    • Do we want to volunteer- Anne, Andrew volunteered to help
    • Motion to have MRA partner with LAMP in organizing a candidates debate on October 10.
      • Put forward by Anne, Seconded by Leanne, all in favour- approved.
    • Action Items– Anne to tell Adam that his motion is successful and suggest Adam send email to Board calling for volunteers.
      • Subgroup to confirm expectations- who will put forward questions? LAMP? MRA? How will MRA fit in?



  • Next meeting date and time
    • Thursday October 11, 2018 Anne’s house



Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm

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