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October 2021 Meeting Minutes

Oct MRA Meeting Minutes (Oct 13, 2021):

Attendees: Adam Matheson, Neil Arcot, Michael Majeski, Emma Park, John Stephenson

Regrets: Lauren Facto, Mostafa Shaheen, James Stack, Phillip Stainton, Tim Ellis

  • Website experiencing issues:
    1. Issue mainly with the widgets on page currently
    2. Reach out to previous member (Mary Bella) who created the website for us
    3. Put on a different theme possibly, could change the design of the website
    4. Adam will discuss with Mary Bella and create some suggestions and circulate to the board
  • As things start to open – what can we start to do again? With membership slowly coming back, how can we engage the community?
    1. For next meeting brainstorm one or two ideas to share with group
  • September minutes approved – Neil first, Adam seconded
  • Strategic energy plan – May 2020 for 2150 Lakeshore:
    1. This energy strategy has not been approved yet
    2. To keep an eye on in future for news

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