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October 2016 MRA Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes for MRA Board of Directors meeting

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Meeting at the home of Mary Bella at 7:30 pm.

Present: Chris, Kyra, Daniel, Mary, Dana, Joanne, Leanne, leslie,  JoAnne

Regrets: John, Deb, Gavin

Guest : Leigh

  1. As Quorum was present Chris opened the and meeting @7:37 PM
  2. Approval of September 13, 2016 MRA board  minutes . Leslie proposed approval of the September minutes, seconded by Daniel.  All in favor, motion carried.
  3. Halloween Dance
  • Food: Action: JoAnne to ask Deb to get glow necklaces, wands, water, ring pops, tootsie pops for craft table. Leanne to ask Cineplex for free popcorn.
  • Cooler: Action: Leslie, Leanne. JoAnne will get ice.
  • DJ: Warren is confirmed.
  • Ticket sales: Action: Dan, Mary, Kyra, Leanne.
  • Float: Action: Dana to get 2 floats
  • Sponsors: Rayissa $ 150 + facepainting; Wan provided donation + the plasma cars
  • Decorations: Action: Kyra to ask Zark for inflatables. Martha to purchase and decorate-confirmed
  • Posters: Action: JoAnne to deliver to Kyra, Mary and Leanne
  • Kid’s table: Action: Leslie to coordinate Lolipop craft (need 100). Dana to get coloring supplies
  • Plasma cars: Action: Kyra can pick them up mid-afternoon on Friday. Youth volunteer to monitor the children’s play area.
  1. Oct 19th Shoreline Towers Community Meeting. MLCN & MRA are cohosting the meeting to inform community of results of the OMB hearing. October 19, 7-8:30PM. Kim from Mark Grimes office will attend, and Peter Milcyn will speak.  Action: Dana to repay John for the venue.  Notification of the meeting will be in the Guardian event page. Action: JoAnne to add it to the newsletter and Mary will post it on our webpage.
  1. GO Station: The Go station improvement will be delayed for 2 years. Approxiamently 100 people have written in voicing their concerns over the delay. The Guardian has written about the delays.  Mark Grimes newsletter noted that the  Go stations have to be accessible for people with strollers, wheelchairs, elderly.  Next steps: We have done all that we can for the time being. Chris to send links to the information.  Leigh will ask her contact if community living would be interested in supporting us.
  2. Freed: NE section of RY triangle. Proposed building of 15-32 stories.  City Planning and Growth will be meeting on October 17th. If the planning committee does not accept the proposal, it will not doubt go to OMB. Action: Lesley will write a draft letter to be sent to the City.  Chris will send the Freed proposal information to the Mystic Pointe residents Association and Carol Goyette encourage them to write a letter as well.  Mary will post the meeting details and Mark Grimes response on our facebook page.  JoAnne to add the information in our Newsletter.
  1. New Board Members – Nominating Committee. Action: Chris and Dan will interview potential candidates.
  2. Mimico Market update: Rayissa provides presentations on Mimico.  She collects data on the demographics of Mimico. Action:  Lesley to ask Rayissa  to provide a PDF for our review.
  1. Councillor Grimes. Action: Chris will invite Mark Grimes to our November or December meeting .  Mark has commemorative scroll to present for MRA 10th  Action:  Invite past presidents to AGM 2017 and ask Mark to present the scroll.  AGM March 30/17
    1. Update on Mimico Judson regeneration?
    2. Toronto Parks and Rec programs at John English are Free and therefore always full.  Is there discussion at city hall about this?
  1. Next Meeting – Tues Nov 15 th. JoAnne M to host.
  1. Other business: TPLC would like to present to the MRA as well as the community about crime hot spots, and who to call. Action: Agenda topic for Nov meeting.
  1. Daniel moved to termination the meeting, seconded by Leslie. Meeting terminated @ 9:43 PM.

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