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November 2023 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Name and Number/Purpose:MRA November Meeting Minutes 
Date of Meeting:November 20, 2023Time of Meeting (Start and End):7:30pm-8:30pm
Location of Meeting:Google Meetup 
Meeting Chairperson:Rozhen Meeting Minutes Prepared By:Sara

Date Meeting Minutes Distributed:
November 20thDate of Next Meeting:TBD

In Attendance: Rozhen (Chair), Mike, Shreya, Don, David, Jim, Alex, Sara

Summary of Action Items

  1. Mike to finalize the Halloween Dance financials and drop off the cheque to Emma.
  2. David to draft a response to the Ontario ministry report.
  3. Tim and Alex to finalize the Neighborhood Climate Action Project plan.
  4. Alex to email an intro to BIA for Sara, who will try and coordinate a meeting with the BIA for economic / waterfront development plans.
  5. David and Tim to distribute the request to complete the community survey.
  6. Rozhen to set up a separate meeting to discuss the membership system options and include Sara, Jim, Alex, and Tim. The group will report options back to the Board.
  7. Rozhen to draft potential agenda items for a meeting with Councillor Morley.
  8. Rozhen to organize a casual get-together for board members in lieu of a December meeting.


Item #Discussion/Action Item
1. IntroductionApproval of Oct 2023 Meeting Minutes Approval of minutes motioned by Alex and seconded by Mike. October meeting minutes approved.
2. Key UpdatesHalloween Dance Wrap-Up: Mike reported a successful event with funds totaling $1444. The funds will cover insurance costs. An issue with the microphone was noted and will be addressed in future events.
Meeting with Ontario NDP Leader: Discussed concerns about a spill and its cleanup, lack of transparency, and timeliness. The NDP is using this as a community concern issue. The MRA’s role and the impact of the spill were highlighted.
Ontario Ministry Report on Spill: Discussed the Ontario ministry’s report, considered too optimistic. David to draft a response highlighting unanswered questions and seeking more data on risk assessments.
Neighbourhood Climate Action Project: Tim and Alex discussed the project plan and budget, with Alex taking the lead. The project is moving forward with city funding.
2405-2411 Lakeshore – Lauren – UPDATE DEFERRED
Community Survey: Results to be shared.
New Treasurer: Emma and Rozhen are meeting with a potential new member to take over as treasurer and Rozhen will look into how to make this person a member before the AGM.
Email Updates: Additions to MRA Calendar: Councillor Morley meeting on Mental Health (Nov 27th); Public Forum on Climate Change for (Dec 1st). We are considering MRA attendance for the meeting with Councillor Morley and any emails around development projects and will endeavour to have MRA representation and share community concerns as outlined in the community survey results where concerns are relevant.
3. MembershipsWe are looking at moving from Paypal to Strip for membership payments and renewals as PayPal does not have the functionality to automatically remind members to renew when their membership is up. Rozhen will set up time for a smaller group to meet and discuss the options before presenting them to the Board for discussion and a final decision on how to proceed.
4. Meeting with Councillor MorleyRozhen to draft agenda for meeting with Councillor Morley and Board will review and finalize. Meeting yet to be scheduled. 
We will consider discussing waterfront / economic development. MRA to discuss with BIA first. Alex to introduce Sara to BIA via email and Sara will try and set up meeting. 
5. Open ForumAgenda item cancelled due to time.
6. Schedule Dec MeetingDecember meeting was cancelled in lieu of a social event for the Board on Monday, December 11th. 

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