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November 2020 Meeting Minutes

MRA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

19:30 – Virtual meeting

Attended: Tim Ellis, Mike Majeski, Heather Mak, Adam Matheson, Emma Park, Mostafa Shahein, James Stack, John Homsy, Kev

1) Quorum and Meeting Opening – Mike  

2) Approval of August Minutes – ALL  

  • Approved by Emma, seconded by John

3) Welcome Back Tim!

  • Congrats to Tim and the team for their efforts for rallying voters in the US election

4) Christie’s Presentation Follow Up / Questions – Mike and Adam 

  • Adam has put together a list of questions for the City of Toronto site planners
    • Toronto has provided a revised plan to the developers original plan (two less towers and more green space)
    • MRA Board to look over the questions and provide any feedback before Adam sends to the city representatives

5) Letter to Grimes and Police Follow Up – Mike

  • Mike has sent the letter to Grimes and Police Commissioner
    • Public Relations (PR) from the Police called Mike for a discussion regarding the letter
    • Discussed police presence and cuts to their budget
    • Cut patrol abilities in Mimico from 9 cars to 4 because of budget constraints
  • New traffic cameras on Mimico and Stanley
    • According to the PR team, a high percentage of the traffic tickets being issued are to drivers that live in the area
  • Mike proposed a community consultation and the PR gentleman seemed willing
    • Mike will follow-up about the consultation (PR was supposed to send an email to Mike but has not yet done so)
  • No response from Councillor Grimes’ office 

6) Outdoor Hockey Rink – Adam 

  • There is a program where the city provides equipment to make an ice rink and members of an organization have to take the responsibility of making and monitoring it
  • Need six members from an organization and two leaders to put forth the application
  • Deemed to be a COVID-friendly activity 
  • MRA is going to pass on making this an initiative
    • We would be willing to support community members if there is a group in Mimico that are wanting to take leading responsibility

7) GO Newspaper Article – Adam 

  • Adam in the news regarding the reduction of parking spaces at the Mimico Go Station

8) Mike’s Billboard Follow Up – ALL  

  • After deliberations with board members, all stated they will continue to support Mike as our president given his sincere apology and his actions to resolve the issue

9) Membership Discussion – ALL  

  • Soon it will be time to put forth our ask for new members and new board members
    • Will be posting on our website and social media channels  
  • Heather will put together the post for our website and Facebook pages
  • Prospective members will join a Zoom info session and group interview call on Jan 13th at 7:30-8:30pm
  • Elected board members will then join our MRA meeting on Jan 20th – 7:30-8:30

10) Other Business – ALL  

  • Consultation with Vandyk developers on Dec 8th regarding Mimico Go

December meeting will be on Wednesday the 16th at 7:30

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