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November 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

MRA Meeting Minutes

Monday Nov 25, 2019

7:30pm at Chris’s House

Attendance: Deb, Heather, Tim, Chris, Adam, Bri, Joe, Kate

Regrets: Anne, John, Leanne

1) Approval of Sept Minutes- Motion Heather; Seconded: Adam

2) Pollinator Grant and Eco Schools Planning Update – Kate

3) Update on “So long to Summer” Community Gathering at GLB – Tim
• Board agrees this was a successful event
• Mimico’s local MP and MPP were in attendance
• 20-30 residents were in attendance

4) Update on All Candidates Meeting – Heather/Adam
• Attendance was strong- over 200 people
• Livestreamed on facebook
• Eculinks partnership
• First half had an environmental focus; Second half was audience questions- written questions read by moderator

5) Update on Halloween Dance
• Financial Summary– Leanne
• Profit- $1,686.78
• Expenses- $613.72
• Revenue $2,300.50
• Rec Room- $500 donation
• Sutton Realty $250 donation
• Learnings for Next Year: We ran out of pizza- consider whether we should pitch in some extra money to ensure we have more.

6) Nominating Committee & Succession Planning for Key Roles
• Aiming to fill at least 4 vacancies. If any other current board members are planning to step down, please let the Exec know.
• Consider bringing on new Board members in advance of the AGM.
• Will post to Facebook, MRA website, and contact members who have expressed an interest on their membership forms
• Looking for interest in/aptitude for social media, website maintenance, and community activism. Will try to apply a diversity lens to the assessments. Given that all four members of the exec are stepping down, succession planning is a key factor.
• Next steps:
• Publicize our call out for new members
(a) Heather will post the call out on our website,
(b) Tim- e-news,
(c) Adam facebook
(d) Email responses will be coordinated by Chris
• Prospective candidates will be invited to the first half of the Board meeting in January (at Chris’ house ).

7) AGM Planning
• Location: Mimico Library
• Guest Speakers: Invite Grimes & Hogarth
• Date: Thursday March 26
• Bri- will moderate questions and answers
• Grimes will be invited to give a 5-10 minute update summarizing key Mimico updates
• Board will have questions collected in advance
• Event will be livestreamed
• This year there will only have reports of the President and Treasurer with Nominations put forward (person TBD).

8) Next board meeting dates & locations – Thursday Jan 16th, Chris’s house

9) Other business
• Membership Update – Adam provided an update that we currently have 100 fully paid members

Meeting adjourned 9:13

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