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November 2017 MRA Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes for MRA Board of Directors meeting

November 8, 2017, 7:30pm

Meeting at the home of Chris

Present: Chris, Lesley, Leanne, Anne, Deborah

Regrets: Daniel, John, Leigh, Kent, JoAnne, Andrew


  1. Review and Approval of Agenda
  2. Review and Approval of Previous Minutes from October 11, 2017
    • Quorum is not reached, therefore minutes cannot be approved.
  3. Halloween Dance Close-out – Chris
    • Financial Summary – Leanne
      • Income from event was $1,676.25 in sales + $650 in sponsorship = $2,326.26 in total (increase from $1,504 in 2016)
      • Expenses are still being reconciled, likely close to $600.
      • Thank-you notes/receipts to our sponsors
      • Lesley will include thank-yous and links to sponsor website in the November e-news.
      • Leanne has sent thank you cards to all of the sponsors.
      • Leanne to send receipt for donation to the Rec Room.
      • Feedback – what went well and areas for improvement?
        • Pizza donation was good – next year think about napkins, plates, hand washing, etc.
        • More lights needed for next year – especially for pizza tables, etc.
        • Consider asking for more volunteers to work the event. This year was very busy.
        • Document what we did for next year
        • Leanne will document finances from dance.
  4. OMB Notice regarding Mar 13th hearing for Minor Variance at 29 Judson – John
    • Deferred
  5. Nominating Committee – Status update – Anne
      • Call for board members for 2018/19 was posted to the website on Thurs Nov 2, and posted to FB on Sun Nov 5.
      • The post is performing well on FB – over 730 views, over 60 ‘engagements’ (likes, shares, clicks on link).
      • Candidates who have already expressed interest still under consideration.
      • Before the 2018/19 nominations can be put forward, we need to know how many vacancies to be filled.
      • John will be stepping down as of the upcoming AGM (as per his email on Nov 8)
      • Chris will send an email to those who expressed interest on their MRA membership applications
      • All board members to see if they know anyone who is interested.

6. AGM Planning – Location, Guest Speaker, Thurs March 22nd 2018- Chris

  • Moved from March 29 to March 22 to avoid conflict with Easter
  • Plan to reach out to Mark Grimes in January to book space at Mimico library
  • Plan to ask Peter Milczyn to speak
    • Changes to OMB implemented in 2017
    • Provincial Senior’s Strategy

7. Other Business

  • Chris added a discussion of development at 39 Newcastle Street
    • Parking lot by Mimico GO station – application was submitted in 2016 for two towers. In July 2017, new application was submitted for three towers and increased density.
    • Comments from the public are being accepted now. Chris will draft letter and send on behalf of MRA, voicing opposition to the development proposal.
    • Anne will post something to FB to raise awareness, and provide information on how members of the public can become involved.
  • Increasing awareness of MRA memberships
    • Anne to post to FB this month, to encourage people to become members. Remind of things we have done – Bell murals, Halloween dance
    • Brainstorming for next year:
    • Submit letter in January to have additional traffic signal boxes painted.
    • Organize movie night in June at local school
      • Local 416 organizes movie nights – high likelihood of success if we partner, or go through Mark Grimes.
    • Participate in Santa Claus parade somehow?
    • Waterfront clean-up days – formalize that it is run by the MRA
      • Continue with spring, and add fall clean-up day
      • Bring sharps containers and education around not touching needles. Perhaps provide flags to indicate location.
    • Consider if we want to be involved in a leader’s debate for the 2018 municipal election
    • Leanne suggested that we ask all candidates for Ward 6 the same 3-4 questions relevant to Mimico, in a set period of time and post to our website.

8. Review of next meeting dates/times:

  • Wed Jan 10 @ Andrew’s

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