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MRA Letter to Councillor Amber Morley – February 2024

To: Councillor Amber Morley
Toronto City Hall
100 Queen St. W.
Toronto ON M5H 2N2

February 27, 2024

Attn: Councillor Amber Morley
Cc: Elisabeth Silva Stewart, Manager, Community Planning, Etobicoke
Prabhat Dahal, Senior Planner Community Planning, Etobicoke

Dear Councillor Morley,

We are writing to you regarding the development application at 2405-2411 Lake Shore Blvd. W.
in Mimico and the lack of community consultation that has taken place on this file. It is our
understanding that despite being a crucial part of the development process, no Community Consultation Meeting was ever scheduled or held by the City of Toronto and the file has now been escalated to the Ontario Land Tribunal.

As advocates for the Mimico community, one of our key goals is to preserve Mimico as a vibrant, liveable neighbourhood for our existing and future residents. In order to do so, we must have the opportunity for active participation in the development process, including direct engagement with developers. While we always encourage developers who build in Mimico to speak to our group directly and early in the process, this is not always a guarantee. When we are not given this opportunity, we look forward to having our voices heard and our questions answered during the City-led Community Consultation Meeting, which we had understood to be an obligatory step in the development process. Hence, we are concerned and perplexed as to why or how it was skipped in the 2405-2411 Lake Shore Blvd W. application.

This lack of community consultation is frustrating, and especially so given the great concerns we have for this particular proposal. Appended to this letter, you will find our letter to the City Council outlining in detail the many elements of the proposal that are cause for concern among Mimico residents. These include a net loss in public parkland at Amos Waites Park, extreme overdevelopment in terms of height and density, and the lack of affordable housing or other community benefit, to name a few.

We are seeking further information from your office about the lack of community consultation that took place for this application and how this mandatory step within the planning process could have been missed. We would also like to request your support in championing the concerns that we have outlined and encouraging Community Planning staff to do so as well as they oppose this application at the OLT when the time comes.
Thank you,

Rozhen Asrani
On behalf of Mimico Residents Association

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