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Mimico Pet Mayor: Candidates Announcement and Meet’n’Greet!

Mimico Residents Association is thrilled to reveal our 13 nominees for the inaugural Mimico Pet Mayor Election!

Below, you’ll be able to find each nominee’s photo and a brief bio submitted with the assistance of their humans.

We are also looking forward to hosting a campaign meet and greet with many of our nominees on Wednesday, October 12th, from 6:30 to 7:30pm. The event will be held at Mimico Square, in Amos Waites Park. Come by and meet the candidates in person! We are also very pleased to welcome Walnut as our Guest Barker to kick off the event (with an assist from his human, MP James Maloney).

Please familiarize yourself with the field of nominees and make your choice in this crucial election to determine the furry fate of our Pet Mayoralty! Voting will open on Monday, October 17th and will be held entirely online. Voting is open to all residents of Mimico and will be available for one week; voting closes at 8pm on Monday, October 24th.

Join our newsletter list to receive your ballot on Monday via email, or navigate back here to our website to find the online ballot. You must live in Mimico to vote; votes from outside Mimico will be discarded. If you’re unsure if you live within Mimico, please email and we will help you check.

Thank you for participating in our furry democracy!

4 thoughts on “Mimico Pet Mayor: Candidates Announcement and Meet’n’Greet!”

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  3. Aww is it too late to nominate still? We have a senior frenchie Stella who is well known in the neighborhood and local gym.

    1. Hi Winnie, I’m sorry but unfortunately nominations closed a while ago. But we encourage you to visit the meet’n’greet – perhaps there will be a candidate Stella finds inspiring and wishes to endorse! 🙂

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