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May 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Mimico Residents Association Meeting Minutes

Thursday, May 2, 2019

7:30PM at Joe’s house


Present: Joe, Tim , Adam, Chris, Deb, Leanne, Heather

Regrets: Anne, Bri, John, Kate


  • Approval of April minutes
  • Handoff of duties to new board members
  • Insurance
  • Mimico Waterfront Cleanup
  • Toronto Neighbourhood Summit learnings
  • Party in the Park
  • Pollinator Grant and Ecoschools
  • Bell Boxes
  • Membership processes and website content
  • Confirm next meeting date
  • Other business


Approval of April minutes

  • Tim put forth motion to approve
  • Adam Seconded
  • All in favour of approval


Handoffs to new board

  • E-news and blog – Heather is OK
  • Website backup – Adam to add Joe for content
  • Admin backup – Tim and Adam have already met
  • Facebook and Instagram – John has been approved as moderator


  • Joe to investigate options and compare prices


Mimico waterfront cleanup

  • Had a turnout of around 70-80 despite weather
  • See if we can coordinate earlier with other businesses next year in Mimico


Toronto neighbourhood summit learnings

  • Adam reported back on event, including:
    • Presentation from Mayor Tory, who is looking to engage with neighbourhood associations
    • Dave Meslin wanted to set up study to engage neighbour associations- potentially a council
    • Stories were shared from other neighbourhoods and what they do:
      • e.g. Scarborough Bluffs Association – have many events, big and small, a big party twice a year
      • Liberty Village Residents Association: shut down main road and have events, and have face to face events at different levels for example family events, young singles events, etc. , help people discover the neighbourhood
      • “Everyone is a member of your neighbourhood association, they just don’t know it yet.”
      • MRA to think about a potential summer brewery BBQ (GLB/Von Bugle/Black Oak), event opportunities for singles, seniors
      • Heather to send Tim contact for Von Bugle events, Tim to propose several ideas


Party in the park

  • Deb contacting Joanne this week to touch base
  • Idea from Heather to do a craft of “pet rocks”
  • Heather to provide pop up tent for event
  • Leanne and Heather to look for supplies
  • Juice/water will still be sold


Pollinator grant and Ecoschools

  • Kate provided an update via email – received help from Altereden (Jillian) in putting together grant application and was submitted 05/01.
  • MRA’s involvement would be to help with the community planting session
  • Details will be firmed when we hear back on application status


Bell boxes

  • Chris and Bri found about 16-17 Bell Boxes in the neighbourhood that could be painted
  • Challenge will be to get funding – will get update from Bri next meeting. Could ask Mark Grimes, William F. White


Membership processes and website content

  • Tim and Adam are working to Improve how MRA is tracking memberships in an automated fashion
  • Looking to use Mailchimp for membership
  • Mailchimp can handle membership – both will investigate setting up a landing page to register which is associated to the member’s email
  • Summer project to figure out automation of membership
  • Group to consider alternative models, e.g. selling ad space, having fundraising events, or even a suggested donation vs. a membership, to give options


Confirm meeting date

  • Next meeting date is Thursday, June 6 at the Etobicoke Yacht Club


Other business

  • Group discussed LPAT and effect on development
  • Tim asked for any volunteers for Grilled Cheese Challenge on June 8

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