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May 2018 MRA Board Meeting Minutes

    Minutes for MRA Board of Directors Meeting

Monday May 7, 2018, Chris’s home

Present: Christopher, Leanne, Cameron, Adam, Lesley, Andrew, Kent, Deborah, Kate

Regrets:  Leigh, Anne


Guests: JoAnne McKeown, Werner Schwartz, Bryan (Mystic Point and Area Residents Association)

  1. Quorum and meeting Commenced at 7:40
  2. Introductions of guests
  3. Motion by Deborah to approve April Minutes. Seconded by Leanne. All in favour.
  4. Party in the Park Tuesday June 12, Party in the Park 5-8pm at George R Gauld.
  • Joanne provided an overview of this year’s Party in the Park
  • Discussion of where MRA volunteers are needed:
    • Need MRA volunteers to handle cash for items that MRA sells (ie: bracelets, tickets etc.)
    • Won’t need as many volunteers for ticket selling etc.
    • Need help ensuring garbage goes in the right place (6 people or less is sufficient)
    • 3-4 volunteers needed for tickets   
    • Volunteers to set up tables (around 3:30-4pm)
  • MRA will donate and sell the following items:  Ring Pops and juice boxes
  • Action: Deb to pick up Ring Pops and juice boxes
  • Action Item: JoAnne to provide schedules for MRA volunteers  at next MRA meeting
  • Action Item: Lesley and Leigh to each bring a  food cooler to event
  • Discussion on whether we would like to provide Information on MRA at the event
    • Concern raised that that promotion didn’t impact membership last year, but will bring banner.
  • Action Item: Leanne to bring banner to event.
  • Action Item: Newsletter sign up sheet (Cam to bring tablet and Google form)
  • 8:08 JoAnne left the meeting

4) Membership updates from AGM – deferred to next meeting

5) Mimico Waterfront Cleanup Update  

  • Leanne provided the following update: event was a great success with 71 attendees
  • City showed up and donated Pizza Pizza gift cards
  • City messed up distribution of garbage bags which ended up having to be purchased by Leanne.
  • Mark Grimes donated the gloves
  • Peter Milcyzn attended
  • Discussion of idea to build an artwork piece out of key pieces of discarded garbage which could be promoted by Lakeshore Arts.

6)Movie Night update

  • Anne was unable to attend today’s evening. Right now we haven’t been able to coordinate with CUPE Local-416 to sponsor the event.
  • Action Item: Anne to follow up with CUPE Local-416.

7) Lakeshore Leaders Forum (Adam, Cam)

  • Adam and Cam attended the event and provided an overview of discussion.
  • MRA was invited to attend initial meeting back in October and Adam and Cam went to follow up meeting on Saturday May 5.
  • Objective to form larger group with representatives from each of the various Boards of the participating organizations to more effectively lobby city council and provincial government.
  • Other objective is to create Ward 6 – all candidates’ debate. Adam will sit on committee to organize this debate.
  • Cam will be on pre-committee to determine whether to enact committee to explore viability of larger lobbying committee.
  • Discussion of viability of a larger catchment area.  Often there are so many diverse perspectives and MRA won’t align on all priorities or positions on issues put forward.
  • MRA will continue to attend discussions and monitor progression of initiatives raised at this meeting.

8) Mimico Judson OMB update

  • Cam provided an update on the status of Appeals. There have now been consolidated splits of the appeals into East Side and West Side developments.
  • MRA still has participant status.
  • Action Item: Next OMB hearing date is in July. Cam to attend.

10) Mimico Go Station Kiss and Ride Drop Off Judson

  • Mark Grimes has put forth motion for a kiss and ride on Judson (south side).  
  • There has also been a Request to study the feasibility of implementing traffic controls spanning Royal York road from Judson Street to Cavell Ave with the south-bound light at Judson Street and the north bound light at Cavell Ave
  • Discussion about benefits for MRA getting involved in this discussion. Consensus that MRA will reach out to Mark Grimes to support traffic study.
  • Action Item: Kate to draft letter to Mark Grimes supporting the implementation of a traffic study.

11) Prohibit parking at all times on the south side of Newcastle Street, between Royal York and Audley Street

  • Discussion on whether we should support, oppose or stay neutral. Consensus was that it would be inappropriate for MRA to oppose the proposed prohibition. MRA will continue to monitor developments on this issue.

12) ML Ready Mix Property- What to do with it?

  • City is set to buy the property to become park land however land has not been purchased yet.
  • Discussion on whether MRA should get involved at this point. Consensus was that more information was needed to understand how land is proposed to be used.
  • Action item: Chris to reach out to Mark Grimes to get more info on how it will be used

13) Update on posters being taken down on community Boards

  • Posters, flyers etc. are being taken down prematurely from community boards around Mimico and surrounding areas. A resident of New Toronto believes the culprit resides in Mimico. Issue discussed and consensus was that this is not an appropriate issue for MRA to be involved with at this time.

14) Next proposed meeting Thursday June 7 at Etobicoke Yacht Club

15) Other Business

  • Kate provided an update regarding Tree For Me Grant. Grant application has been deferred to the fall. Kate attended the LAMP event to get a sense of how their event was run.
  • Action Item: Kate to reach out to coordinator regarding fall TFM application.


3 thoughts on “May 2018 MRA Board Meeting Minutes”

  1. Thank you for posting the minutes of the May meeting. Many exciting things happening in Mimico.
    The one thing I want to mention about some posters being removed. If they are of religious nature and just to recruit ppl. I don’t think it is appropriate and I am personally glad that someone is removing them.

    1. Lisa – thanks for your comment.

      Unfortunately for years now someone has been removing ALL posters from community boards in Mimico. This includes posters for free events organized by groups like the MRA.

      1. Oh….well that’s just wrong. I was writing about religious flyers on poles. Community boards are a great way to to communicate with people living in the area and want to buy/sell promote concerts etc. Don’t know why anyone would take anything off those boards.

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