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May 2016 MRA Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes for MRA Board of Directors meeting

Thursday May 12, 2016 – 7:30pm

Present: Deb, John, Joanne, Chris, Mary, Leslie, Dan, Dana, Leanne, Gavin and JoAnne M.

Regrets: Kyra

  1. As quorum was present Chris moved to open the meeting at 7:36 p.m.
  2. John moved to approve the April 14, 2016 minutes, seconded by Leslie. All in favor, motion passed.
  3. Storefront Humber: After the Store Front Humber meeting at John English School John has contacted Lynda Ryder (Chair of SFH). Lynda Ryder said she would like to work with the community to make the application to use the space easier. The current application was developed by SFH and their lawyers.  It is currently 4 pages long and requires the applicant to have sufficient insurance to use the space. John has not heard back from Lynda. Action:  John to contact Lynda to discuss how to simplify the application.  Chris will contact Daren at City’s Real Estate Services division.
  4. Mimico-Judson Secondary Plan: The Judson regeneration secondary plan was passed by the Planning and Growth Committee on a 3-2 vote with 2 amendments. 1st amendment was to allow mixed use on the land west of Royal York on Judson St. The 2nd amendment is in regards to the land east of Royal York to make changes that the property owners have requested. The PGMC recommendation will be going to City Council on June 7 – as usual, all options are available to City Council, including approval, further amendment, refusal or deferral.  Staff will review the application at 49-55 Dunpar in the context of the City Council decision on land use.  Action: We will keep updated on the city’s position regarding these areas.  Mark will be attending our next meeting so we will ask him for an update.
  5. Party in the Park (Tues June 14/16): We will be selling tickets and running a booth selling candy, juice and popcorn. Action: Joanne and JoAnne will set up a schedule for an early and late shift.
    • Food: Juice boxes, ring pops, popcorn. Action: Joanne and JoAnne will purchase the food.
    • Insurance:  Action: John will get it renewed.
  1. Amos Waites Park Trees: Tree’s must be ordered in the fall. Action: John will arrange to meet with the appropriate city staff to establish where they are to be planted. John will look at the park at the end of Superior as well.
  2. Other business:
    • CPLC: Dan attended the Community Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) meeting. Graffiti is still an ongoing issue in Mimico. Action: We will post information on our face book/web page if the community requests info on who to contact for graffiti issues, crime, phone scams. Action: Dan will apply to be a member of the CPLC board.  Info from the police will be shared with Dan and we can place on our website.
    • Bike Lanes & BIA:  The new proposed path (Humber Bay Shore to Mississauga) will provide bikers with an alternative path through the community that does not involve the waterfront trails where dogs, children and bikers often have safety issues.  There will a study done as early as 2017 dependent on available funding.  Action: We will put this information on our website and send a letter of support requesting a bike path study be done.  Chris will draft a letter to the Public Works & Infrastructure Committee.
    • Waterfront Transit: .Leslie attended the waterfront transit meeting May 11/16.  The focus was on how to get people from the Mississauga boarder across the city in the most efficient manner (transit, bikes, cars).  Consultation will be at John English on May 26 at 6:00 pm.
    • Humber bay Parks Working Group Next meeting is May 16/16.  Action: Survey is on our face book page. The community can provide their thoughts on how to use and improve the park. Additional community consultation will be in June 2016.
    • Mimico old train station (Mimico on the GO sales center). The building was vacated in July 2015 by Mimico on the Go.  The agreement with the city and Mimico on the Go was that MOTG would restore the building to its original historical design which has not been done.
    • Upcoming Mimico Events Lakeshore Villager Paper has listed all the summer events for the lakeshore communities. Action: We will post on our face book and website.
  1. The next Board meeting will be held on Thursday June 9, 2016 at JoAnne M’s home. Mark is coming to our meeting in June. Request updates on the following topics:
    • Update on the Mimico Judson regeneration and Dunpar proposal?
    • Toronto Parks and Rec programs at John English are Free and therefore always full.  Is there discussion at city hall about this?
    • Lakeshore/ Park lawn Traffic congestion and latest TTC Transit (Streetcar) plans for the area
    • What are the next steps after community consultation at the Library on local Mimico traffic concerns?
    • Action: Chris will email the questions to Mark in advance of the meeting.
  1. Dan moved to terminate the meeting, seconded by Deb. Meeting terminated at 9:34 pm

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