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May 2015 MRA Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes for MRA Board of Directors meeting
May 5, 2015
At the home of Mary Bella and Michael Colvin @ 7:30 pm.

Present: John, Joanne C, Lesley, Mary, Michael C, Dan G, JoAnne M.
Regrets: Aaron, Dana, Kyra, Mike M.

  1. As a quorum was present, John called the meeting to order at 7:39
  1. Minutes of April Meeting were reviewed and approved. Lesley proposed acceptance of minutes, Michael C seconded. All were in favor. Motioned passed.
  1. Update on 2313 and 2323 Lake Shore Boulevard West –-Zoning By-law Amendment Application. Mary reported that there will be no new information until November 2015.
  1. Mystic Pointe Area Residents Association update.
    John attended the meeting. Mark Grimes was also present. Mark was present and does not support the proposed high rise (48 storeys) building on Manitoba Street. The OMB meeting is scheduled for July 8/15. The MPARA will attend the OMB meeting. The public consultation meeting on the application is scheduled for June 16th @ ECC. Action: we will continue to support and follow this issue. Request for direction report will be heard at City council on July 7/15.
  1. Mimico Hall and SFH Inc. update: The SFH Extension is on and looks good. John and Michael Colvin attended a meeting with Feiona Persaud and Mary Hansen (the ED). The SFH Board members were open to having community groups participate in their consultations. In the past, the ED invited only groups of clients to consultation meetings and not the community or BIA members. In the future they are open to community consultation.
    John has had no response to the alliance’s letter sent to Mayor Tory and Mark Grimes re SFH. Action: John to follow up with Kim.
    Michael C spoke with the city leasing department. SFH has had a 21 year ongoing lease. SFH can do any renovations without community consultation as long as they have a plan and are paying for the construction.
    John and Michael C met with Susan Nagy of Lakeshore Arts. Susan stated they are open to exploring shared space within SFH but could not commit as she would need to discuss with her board. Action: John and Michael C will have a meeting May 14th with Lakeshore Arts regarding this possibility. This is a great opportunity to influence the possibility of using the space for community groups and demographics and to proceed one step at a time.
  1. ML update.
    The closing summations for the tribunal will take place on May6/15. ML is apparently having a survey done to create a parking lot. Two residents have been served a cease and desist for sending emails to ML, MOE, and clients of ML that are creating traffic violations, damaging property (signage). The residents are still waiting for the TPH air report that was done last July. Action: John to contact Rene to find out where the parking lot will be located.
  1. Party in the Park
    Joanne C and JoAnne M have purchased 6 boxes of ring pops (180 pieces) and 8 flats of juice (240 boxes). The MRA will sell 2 juice boxes for 1 ticket or 1 ring pop & 1 juice box for 1 ticket. A driver is required for the event to pick up supplies. Action: JoAnne M to find a driver and ask PITP if they need volunteers. Joanne C will secure an ice cream truck.
  1. New/other business.
    The Board discussed the sharing of information among different community groups. The Board also discussed the possibility of having biannual town hall meetings. Action: John to write a letter to Mark Grimes asking if he is interested in having biannual meetings with the MRA regarding Mimico issues.
  1. Next meeting date.
    Next meeting is at JoAnne’s on June 2nd @ 7:30 pm.
  1. John terminated the meeting @ 9:41.

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