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MRA Letter to Councillor Grimes November 2014

Sent: November 17th 2014

Dear Councillor Grimes,

Congratulations on your re-election as the Ward 6 Councillor. We look forward to working with you on issues within Mimico and on those adjacent to our community.

We trust that your objectives for your upcoming term are:

  • To maintain your commitment and support for the long term objectives of the Mimico by the Lake Secondary Plan.
  • To consult us and allow us to participate during the planning phases of community development and its associated infrastructure
  • To involve us in the discussion and resolution of land use and zoning issues
  • To involve us in the on-going ground and rail transportation discussion
  • To actively pursue the removal of the active ML Redimix cement batching plant from its current residential location on Judson Street to an appropriate non-residential industrial location
  • To offer your advice, assistance and support when we are involved in City and OMB Hearings.

Please respond with your views, positions and expectations on these matters as you enter your new term as our City Councillor in 2015.


John Cary
President, MRA

1 thought on “MRA Letter to Councillor Grimes November 2014”

  1. Councillor Grimes’ office Responded on December 3, 2014:

    With the start of the new term of City Council, Councillor Grimes would appreciate the opportunity to attend a meeting of the Mimico Residents Association to outline his objectives and discuss the issues that are important to the Mimico community.

    Perhaps a preliminary meeting with the Executive would be more productive before a meeting of all the residents, but I will leave that up to you to decide what would be most appropriate.

    The MRA will keep membership informed of any discussions or meetings with the councillor in the coming months.

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