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Letter sent to Councillor Grimes and Superintendent Domenic Sinopoli

Dear Councillor Mark Grimes and Superintendent Domenic Sinopoli,

I’m contacting you from the Mimico Residents Association (MRA) to express Mimico residents growing concern for the safety of our beloved neighborhood. During our MRA monthly meetings we address the needs and concerns of our community. The board has been repeatedly asked by MRA members what specific steps are being taken to improve issues with traffic safety, violence, theft, and other unwanted behaviours in Mimico.As partners working towards the same aim of a safe environment for all residents of Mimico, MRA assures Mimico community residents again and again that the Police and Councillor Grimes are addressing any community concerns and any ongoing accidents.

The MRA wants to highlight a recent road fatality that occurred at Stanley and Station Rd. We feel that such tragedies are preventable, and while we understand these are ongoing issues for your departments, surely there are more proactive measures that can be taken. For example, putting speed bumps in the intersection or fast forwarding the traffic study recommendations performed to address the recurring accidents at Stanley and Station road intersection. We were dismayed to learn the traffic study work has been delayed yet again, while another life has been lost on our streets.

The MRA are also deeply troubled that illegal weapons and sudden acts of gun violence are present in the community, like the events that recently took place on Lakeshore Blvd. We would be happy to see an increase in police presence in the immediate area to address/ prevent any similar incidents in the future.

MRA feels strongly that proactive police involvement in the community and an expedited traffic study recommendation/implementation are not only reasonable requests, they are absolutely vital steps to ensuring the safety of Mimico residents. No doubt these increases in illegal activity and traffic fatalities are largely due to the perception that this family neighborhood is unmonitored by the authorities, and that needs to change.

These issues are a top priority for the Mimico community and the MRA is motivated to bring voice to these issues and find positive change. We look forward to open discussions and more action from our community leaders. We would be happy to see official statements made directly to the Mimico Community following cases like road fatalities and drug and weapon raids. Instances that involve the safety of the Mimico neighborhood and the lives of its residents are at the top of everyone’s list and we feel that it would be appropriate for our Councillor and Superintendent to outline for the community precisely what steps are being taken to address these concerns with an expected timeline.

We look forward to your response and building a long-term partnership.

Mich​ael Majeski
Mimico Residents Association

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