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MRA Letter of support for Mimico Baptist Church Trillium Grant

October 3, 2014

Ontario Trillium Foundation
800 Bay Street, 5th Floor
Toronto, ON   M5S 3A9

Dear Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant Members:

The Mimico Residents Association (MRA) is a community resident association that serves the Mimico community by promoting measures to enhance the character, safety, and environmental viability of the area as well as promote and maintain a sense of community within the area by informing and engaging residents. Our membership is open to all in the community and our current following is around 400 people/organizations.

The MRA has had a long history with the Mimico Baptist Church (MBC) and pastor Jim Sanderson. Jim was one of the founding members of the MRA, and served many years on the board and continues to  serve as a community leader.

The Mimico area is a tight community that is often described as a ‘village’. At the heart of this village are several churches that open their doors to the community for events. I would like to comment on two of these that the Mimico Baptist Church is involved in.

Party in the Park

This event is at the core of our community and brings together not-for-profit organizations and residents for an evening of fun and entertainment. We have on average 2000 people and organizations turning out for this event. This event would be greatly lessened without the participation of the MBC.  |

Mimico Residents Association Meetings and the Annual General Meeting

Every year MBC hosts our annual AGM as well as several quarterly meetings. These are times we come together as a community to better understand the issues that face us. MBC is gracious in opening their doors to us. We firmly believe that a more accessible church would allow a greater number of our resident members and those with mobility issues to join. Alternatively, we have had to use different facilities in the area due to this limitation. There is a lack of affordable, accessible spaces for public events in the Mimico area.

We strongly support the grant application which will make this church more accessible to our entire community.


John Cary
President, Mimico Residents Association

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