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June 2019 Board meeting minutes

MRA Meeting Minutes

Thursday Jun 6, 2019

7:30pm at Etobicoke Yacht Club

Attended: Adam, Anne, Bri, Chris, Deb, Joe, Kate, Leanne, Tim
Regrets: Heather and John

1) Quorum and meeting opening- 7:35pm.

2) Approve May Minutes

  •  Motion to approve- Tim; Seconded Bri- approved

3) Board Insurance Renewal

  • Joe-Insurance has been paid, same policy and premium

4) Mimico Summer Brewery Event

  • Adam provided a summary of events that other RA’s typically host.
  • Tim and Bri went to Great Lakes Brewery- they will provide either patio or back room
  • Room holds 90
  • Free event or ticketed event with beer?- preference seems to hold a free event
  • Week nights are generally available
  • Next steps- review packages and circle back with the Board to discuss options.

5) Party in the Park Planning – Tues Jun 11

  • MRA will take part this year, albeit with a smaller group of available volunteers
  • We will have tent with toys while we speak to parents
  • We want to continue to call upon MRA alumni to volunteer at events so that not all volunteering falls on current Board.

6) Pollinator Grant and Eco Schools Planning Update

  • Grant has been approved. We will be co-grantees with David Hornell School which is where the gardens will be located.
  • Gillian Leitch from Alter Eden Gardens assisted with the grant application, consulting on appropriate plants and location of gardens
  • Plant will be in the spring- hoping to do a community planting event.
  • Next step will be to conduct a site visit by PollinateTO.

7) Movie night

  • Working with Mark Grimes Office
  • Movie confirmed- Princess Bride
  • Date is July 19, 2019
  • Consider a separate email targeted at our current members
  • Chris- will add to google calendar

8) Bell Box Murals Update

  •  Bri provided an update on potential locations
  • 7 possible locations (12 total boxes): Royal York @ Lakeshore; Dwight @ Struthers; Dwight @ Burmingham; Lake Cresc. @ Royal York; Judson @ Royal York; Manitoba @ Milton; Stanley @ Station
  • Ideally we should propose 11 boxes
  • We need to come up with $10,000 in funds
  • Bell will prep and maintain the boxes
  • Next step: reach out to Councillor Grimes, Lakeshore Arts to request funding, speak to Mike the head of the artist alliance project
  • Prioritize boxes- Dwight @ Hillside, Dwight @ Second street, choosing 3 alternate priority locations.

9) Halloween Dance

  • Book St Leo’s Gym early in case alternate location needed (in 2018, by mid-September Mimico Adult Centre was booked by another group)
  • Proposed Date: Friday Oct 25th
  • We want to book in advance
  • Organizing Committee will consist of: Deb, Bri, Chris, Tim, Joe
  • Email callout to Members to assist in volunteering

10) Next board meeting dates & locations

  • Proposed Dates: Thurs Sept 12 @ EYC, Thurs Oct 17, Thurs Nov 14, Thurs Dec 12

11) Other business

  • Kate followed up with Grimes office re Traffic Study- no new developments
  • Bri Attended the Mimico on the go info meeting – not a lot of new developments

Meeting Adjourned 8:45pm

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