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June 2018 MRA Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes for MRA Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday June 7, 2018 – Etobicoke Yacht Club

Present: Anne Arthur (minutes), Deborah Burgess, Leanne Faber, Leigh Graham, Adam Matheson, Chris Moore (chair), Kent Schroeder, Lesley Rowe Strong

Regrets:  Andrew Bridel, Kate Leslie Johnston, Cam Smith

Guests: JoAnne McKeown

Quorum obtained; meeting began at 7:40 pm
Approval of May minutes – Chris
         Moved by Deborah, seconded by Lesley.  All in favour – approved.

  • Party in the Park Tuesday June 12, Party in the Park 5-8pm at George R Gauld.
    • Joanne shared that the PiTP Organizing Committee received an Award of Merit from LAMP this year.
    • Joanne reviewed the schedule for MRA volunteers with the Board.
    • The group discussed organizational and logistic details.
      • Action: Deborah will purchase 160 each of Ring Pops and juice boxes.
  • AGM Membership Updates – Lesley
    • Lesley updated the list and uploaded it to Google Drive.  There are a few new members who did not provide an email address; Lesley will send them a letter (we have their mailing address) with info on how to access/sign up for our e-newsletter.
    • Action: Lesley will train Adam on the membership process in the fall – he will take it over from Lesley.
  • Road Safety Letter – Chris
    • The Board discussed various options to include in a letter to Councillor Grimes regarding traffic safety in Mimico.
    • Consider specifying problematic streets,
    • Request a focus on ‘low speed’ street designs, exploring options aside from speed bumps and speed tables
    • Group discussed how best to contact Councillor Grimes, and the content of any communications developed.
      • Action: MRA to send a letter detailing traffic related issues to Councillor Grimes
      • Action: MRA to draft a template letter that Mimico residents can use to contact Grimes with their specific concerns.
    • The MRA letter to Councillor Grimes will include:
      • A request to hold a community meeting to explain the implications of the May 22nd City Council meeting,
      • A request to schedule a meeting with City Planning and TPS to discuss traffic calming solutions
      • Immediate reinstatement of  ‘live speed monitoring’ signs in Mimico school zones
    • Action: Anne and Adam to update draft of letter, send to Chris and Kate for final review and update.
      Metrolinx briefing meeting – Chris
    • Scheduled for Wed June 13, to discuss planned updates to Mimico GO station.
    • Community consultation planned for July.
    • Action: Adam will send his questions for Metrolinx to Anne and Chris before the meeting.7) Lakeshore Leaders Forum (Adam, Cam)
  • Mimico Movie Night – Anne
    • Local 416 is not providing movie nights this summer.  Councillor Grimes’ office has indicated that they will be able to fund a movie night in Mimico directly.  A company has been located with availability on Friday July 21st.
    • Anne will continue to work with Kim Edgar (from Councillor Grimes’ office) to obtain updates, which will be shared with the Board as needed.
  • Other Business – Chris
    • Via email from Kate – TFM application rolled over for the fall, requesting approval from the board to move forward for an event date in September.
    • The request was unanimously approved.
  • Next meeting date and time

    • Thurs Sept 13, possibly at Deborah’s house.




















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