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July 2022 Meeting Minutes

Monday, July 11, 2022

Attendees: Rozhen, Lauren, Emma, Jim, John, Mike, Tim, Neil

Regrets: Philip, David 


  1. Approval of June 2022 Meeting Minutes 
    Mike first, John second
  1. 2022-2023 Planning
  2. 2022-2023 Goals and objectives 
    • Three goals capture interest of board members
    • Opportunity for member survey to understand interests – Tim 
  3. Priorities and focus areas
    • Events to come:
      1. Dog Mayor (underway) – Tim
      2. Halloween dance (TBD indoor event?) – Mike/Tim 
      3. Wednesday Wisdom (August) – Tim
    • Launch new website – Jim
    • Community Issues 
      1. ML Ready Mix (Lauren)
    • Developments/Infrastructure
      1. Proactive approach 
      2. Assign board members to specific developments 
      3. MLCN has lots of information 
      4. Develop pillars and framework
    • Membership
      1. Booth at farmers market? Mike to inquire
      2. Door-to-door campaign with QR code – Tim, Mike, Neil, etc
      3. Goal for 200 members 
  • Communication framework with our membership, partner organizations/stakeholders and among members
    • To be addressed next meeting 
  • Tools & resources
    • To be addressed next meeting
  • Next Steps
    • To be addressed next meeting
  • ML Ready Mix Relocation (or lack thereof)
    • Context: ML Ready Mix was supposed to vacate their current location on June 30th following a termination of lease and eviction notice from the City (for which we sent a letter to Councillor Grimes underscoring the importance of this to the community). However, ML Ready Mix has not left and is still in operation at the same location. They have obtained a court injunction and are now in litigation against the City and several individuals, including Mark Grimes.
    • Key actions: we need to determine our next steps in this regard
      • Lauren to draft response to July 6th email from Grimes
  1. Quick updates
    • Neighbourhood update with Mark Grimes – Rozhen
      • Grimes canceled – MRA to ask to secure new date 
    • Mimico Pet Mayor – Tim
      • Submissions coming in
    • New & improved MRA website – Jim
      • High-res images needed 
      • Updated site for board member preview in August
    • MRA billboard feature – Mike
      • To be addressed next month
  2. Schedule June board meeting (1 min)
    • August 18th or 22nd recommended – August 18th (in-person?)
    • Rozhen is getting married/on her honeymoon the first two weeks of August (until Aug 15)

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