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January 2023 Meeting Minutes

Monday, January 23, 2023

Attendees: Rozhen, David, Tim, Lauren, Mike, Emma, Jim, Neil 

Regrets: Philip, John


  • Approval of Dec 2022 Meeting Minutes (2 min)
    • Emma first, David second
  • 2023 AGM (10 min)
    • Typically, the AGM is held in March, so we will need to set up the meeting and have it on the calendar.
    • Action items: We will need to decide on a date and time, who to invite, and agree on a general format
    • Choose a date in late March as per last year to give elected officials advanced notice.
      •  Rozhen is to float March 15, 22, 29th to Councillor Amber Morely. 
    • Hybrid approach- in-person and live-streamed
    • Emma will reach out to Mimico Library; Mike will contact Rec Room as a backup location. 
  • Board membership (10 min)
    • In advance of the AGM, we need to determine which current members intend to stay on and identify good candidates to join the board.
    • To ensure we can do this expeditiously, the recommendation is to constitute a new board member search committee to review applications for new board members, conduct interviews, complete evaluations, and put forth recommendations
    • Action items: Survey and call for new member applications to be sent out, search committee to be assembled, and existing board members to let Rozhen know their intention to remain on the board
    • Board members to advise Rozhen with the intention to resign or interest in new roles for board members who are staying on
      • Neil, Philip, and John will be stepping down. 
    • Call for new members to be put out via email, Facebook, and Instagram this week. 
    • A search committee for new members is to be established – those who are interested should let Rozhen know.
    • Call out for special interest areas – real estate, development, etc. 
  • Revisiting our membership system (15 min)
    • Concern that our membership system is not set up in a way that is not conducive to attracting and retaining members
    • The online sign-up process is cumbersome and lengthy.
    • More concerning, there appear to be no automatic renewals of membership or even reminders.
    • Action items: Need to assess ways to improve the sign-up process and implement automatic renewals, in addition to sending reminders to lapsed membership holders
    • There is capability to automatically remind members to renew members. 
    • Option to automatically renew membership (at least an opt in function)?
      • Email notification to all members prior to payment 
      • Tim and Emma to meet and discuss options for streamlining renewals and signups 
    • Emma to send email to all past members with lapsed memberships 
  • Previous action items (10 min)
    • Meet and Greet with BIAs – Lauren Coordinate in February 
    • Call for new member applications  survey – Tim
    • Mimico Max on website and IG take-over – Tim/Lauren Date to be chosen in next few weeks
    • Website blog posts – Jim/John  Jim/Rozhen to review existing post from the fall and assess whether it is still relevant
      • Any board members interested in writing blog posts should let Jim know 
      • Idea for post about ML Ready Mix lands (Tim to draft?), budget response (Rozhen?)
    • Development tracking tool – Lauren/David Still in progress – to be shared next month 
    • Draft MRA response to Bill 23 and Bill 39 – David
      • David wrote letter re: Bill 23 that can be used as the starting point for MRA letter.  Group to review and comment as necessary
  • Open Forum (5 min)
    • Please bring any discussion items, ideas, thoughts, feedback, etc. to this forum, as well as any agenda items for our next meeting.
    • Budget meetings held over the last few weeks, Rozhen presented feedback from the community – traffic congestion, condo development, existing infrastructure, increasing transit options, etc. 
    • Tim drafted certificate for Mimico Max – Mike to print
  • Schedule February board meeting (5 min)
    • Feb 27th recommended – Confirmed; Emma to circulate the invite.

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