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January 2021 Meeting Minutes

Mimico Residents Association Board Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

7:30PM Google Meet Link



Tim Ellis, John Homsy, Michael Majeski, Heather Mak, Adam Matheson, Emma Park, Mostafa Shaheen, James Stack, New Candidates



1. Approval of December 2020 Meeting Minutes

  • Emma first approval, Tim second, motion carried

2. Transitioning Key Duties from Heather – ALL

  • Newsletter
    • Includes key developments within the association and community
    • Over 700 recipients
    • Adam to help construct the newsletter
    • James to contribute with writing articles
    • Target will be to publish quarterly going forward
  • Facebook
    • Mostafa will help contribute
    • Phillip Stainton (up for board nomination) – interested in being a part of this
  • Letter writing
    • John Stephenson (up for board nomination) has put forth his interest in helping us craft letters to community stakeholders to raise awareness for issues we elect to take a formal stance on
  • Event planning (Waterfront cleanup)
    • Mostafa has expressed interest in event planning and being involved
    • Mike to help take lead on event planning in general
    • All members to contribute where they can
    • MRA member, Kevin, wants to be involved in waterfront cleanup initiatives
  • Take over discussions with the 60 Birmingham folks at QuadReal
    • Emma has offered to take over this relationship (from Heather) and continue the communication with the property developer
    • Mike can offer help on this matter and work with Emma
    • Philip (up for board nomination) interested in contributing (he has experience with dealing with developers, and experience with QuadReal

3. AGM – Mike

    • Typically get our city councillor and another civil servant ( for example – MPP, MP, School treasurer, Metrolinx) involved so residents can ask questions
    • Mike to speak with past president, Chris, on procedures regarding hosting an AGM to ensure it meets the necessary criteria of an AGM
    • Last year we hosted a virtual vote, this year we will have to host the AGM in similar fashion due to Covid-19 pandemic
      1. Reports were sent, but no “official” AGM was held in 2019, vote was done by email
    • We are considering updating the MRA Board By-Laws to formally incorporate virtual AGMs as an acceptable form of hosting an AGM
    • Reports from the President (Mike) and the Treasurer (Emma) to be completed prior to AGM
    • Looking to get an email out with dates for March to Hogarth and Grimes
      1. Tim to send email, suggesting March 10, 17, and 24th as the potential date
      2. Adam to send note to Metrolinx, gauge their interest in attending
    • Next meeting we will discuss the questions to ask our guest speakers
      1. John to draft questions in advance
    • Tim to help on the tech side and set up Zoom meeting for AGM

4. Dog Park in Mimico – Mostafa

    • Promoting an off-leash dog park in Mimico is not an initiative we will be taking an official stance on
    • Resident sent an email last week bringing this topic up (for the second time in the last three years), asking if there are any plans to designate an off-leash dog park in one of Mimico’s parks
      1. Will Vandyk have a designated off-leash dog park in their Go-Station development?
      2. Phillip Stainton to look into their development plans and send note to the board
      3. Neil Arcot – believes there will be off leash area introduced at Grand Avenue Park (outside of Mimico)

5. Substance abuse resource – Mostafa

    • We received an email from a new technology based service provider for mental health and substance abuse issue
      • They have no official accreditations or certifications for this service from a government body or health regulator within Ontario
    • We will not be promoting their service because there is no certifications from a provincial or federal level
    • We will look at putting something in the newsletter regarding mental health, but not for this company for reasons stated above.
    • We fully support mental health and substance abuse awareness, our stance is we are willing to bring awareness, but only for services that are officially sanctioned to ensure quality care and service

6. Other Business Moving Forward in 2021 – ALL

    • Discussion regarding sound barrier on the south side of the train tracks, east of Royal York. No actionable items on this matter
    • Membership Discussion Chris Moore’s Suggestion / Follow Up – ALL
    • Mike would like to promote membership in the community
    • Membership has dropped roughly 25% YoY
    • Look into providing a reoccurring membership option online
    • MRA board to promote membership throughout the 2021 calendar year

7. Next Meeting TBD – ALL

    • February 17th  2021 @ 7:30pm

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