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January 2018 MRA Board Meeting Minutes

Date/Time: January 11, 2018
Location: Andrew’s House

Chair: Chris Moore
Minutes: Deb Burgess


Attendees: Anne Arthur, Leanne Faber, Andrew Bridel, Kent Schroeder, John Cary
Regrets: Leigh Graham, Lesley Rowe Strong, Daniel Gerecht, Jo Anne Mckeown
Guests: Cam & Heather

1: Review and Approval of Agenda

2: Motion to approve minutes from previous meetings

Motion to approve minutes from Oct 11 2017 and Nov 8, 2017 by Deb; seconded by John; all in favour.

3: Update on 39 Newcastle Dunpar Development Proposal: Cam

Dunpar Homes has put forward a 3-Tower proposal at 39 Newcastle for much more density than the secondary plan allows
There are proposals for increased density from other developers in this same area
Much disapproval at the meeting from the community on topics of traffic & shade.
Continue to follow

4: Mimico Linear Park Multi-Use Trail Safety: Chris

City is planning improvements to better demarcate trail intersections, in pavement (painted on the trail) messaging such as “slow” and “shared path”, and some above ground signage. Plans for these improvements have been developed in collaboration with both Parks and Cycling Infrastructure. The improvements will be phased to minimize disruptions and trail access and a detour route around the work be will be provided if required.
Action – Share HBSCA letter to Councillr Grimes on FB – Anne

5: Keitner Group Profit Sharing: “The Pizza Guys”

Keitner group reached out to the MRA to inform us they wish to donate a percentage of their revenue to the communities where they work

6: March 22/2018 AGM

Library Venue booked
Speakers Peter Milczyn & Mark Grimes
Topics for Mark Grimes: Updates in the community and future development of the Lakeshore & Humber Bay East area.
Have application forms for new member at the AGM
Action: Cam to prepare artwork for publicizing AGM

7: Nominating Committee Update: Anne

Nominating committee to share its recommendations for the 2018 Board Members at the next board meeting.

8: Tree For Me Spring Grant 2018

Anne has signed up for the webinar and will share what she has learned at the next MRA meeting
Kent will access the grant application and we will decide if this is something we want to apply for at the next MRA meeting.
This can be an example of what we as an association, like to get involved in.
Can we combine this with our Earth Day clean up at the waterfront?

9: Other Business:

How to encourage new members? Guardian/FB
Action: Chris to send letter on behalf of the MRA to StreetART Toronto requesting Mimico Traffic Signal Boxes be added to their Outside the Box Mural Program
Mimico Canadiens Hockey Club toques – do we have any events where we’d like to sell them?

10: Board Member Jo Anne Mckeown has resigned from the board effective immediately

11: Next Meeting February 8/2018 7:30pm Leanne Faber’s Home

12: Motion to terminate meeting from Lesley, seconded by Anne – all in favour

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