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February 2015 MRA Board Meeting Minutes

* Please note, meeting minutes are posted after approval at the following month’s Board meeting. Archived meeting minutes can be viewed on the Meetings & Minutes page.

MINUTES – MRA Board of Directors meeting
February 9th, 2015

Meeting at JoAnne’s home at 7:30 pm.

Present: John, Joanne C, Chris M. Aaron, Mary, JoAnne, Dan, Kyra

Regrets: Leslie, Martha, Mike, Zark

    1. John moved to start the meeting, and as quorum was present, called the meeting to order at 7:36pm.
    2. Mark Grimes and Kim Edgar were in attendance to address the board regarding Storefront Humber addition.

      Mark is supportive of revitalized Mimico and the Mimico 20/20 Secondary Plan. Mark will commit to a public meeting regarding the use of Mimico Hall (home of Storefront Humber) when the lease is up May 31, 2016. Mark does not want to move SFH out unless there is a specific place to move them (2020 community center may be able to house them). Mark was not consulted or aware of the expansion to SFH. If there is no Committee of Adjustments requirement, then there is no requirement to consult the community. Mark will talk to SFH board (Linda Ryder) about allowing us in to see the building to see what it could be used for. Kim stated that the city has no funding to allow a community center in this location.

      Explanation from Councillor Grimes of how Section 37 funds are allocated in Mimico in the absence of community consultation.

      Mark feels he has used the Section 37 money for development of ward 6 such as Col Samuel Smith skating trail, Amos Waites park, Mimico Memorial park, Stanley St. park, Mimico trail, and Norris park.
      Mimico on the Go paid to fix the old Mimico train station as a sales center. Once all the units are sold the building can be used by the community.

    3. Motion to approve January 2015 meeting minutes put forward by John and seconded by Chris.
    4. Options for Mimico Hall building design and use with community consultation. Action: Survey the community to find out what the building could be used for.
      Kyra suggested we do some pilots to see what the building could be used for.
    5. The ML Ready-Mix tribunal hearing is scheduled for 5 days in April. The city is a presenter. There are 5 residents that have requested presenter status. The presenters have been told that they have to submit a summary of what they wish to present. John said we can ask the lawyers to provide us with a summary of what they will be presenting.
    6. AGM is scheduled for March 24th 2015 at St. Leo’s auditorium. Chris Zarka has stepped aside. There are 10 members that will return to the board for 2015/2016 and the status of one member unknown.
      Action: Board members to seek out ask potential applicants.
      Action: John, Aaron, Dana, and JoAnne to develop reports for the meeting.
      Action: Mary to add date and time of the AGM to our newsletter and web page.
    7. Party in the Park. The board for PITP have asked if the MRA can seek out sponsorship for the event? This year we will have to decline the request. Kyra is unable to be as active as before. It was not easy to fund raise as we were 1 step behind St Leo’s and the Tulip festival.
      Action: We will volunteer to promote the event , set up, sell juice, freezie’s, popcorn and help with clean up. Zark has confirmed that he will be the MC. All proceeds made from our sales will go to the PITP.
    8. No new business
    9. Next meeting date: Tuesday March 3/15 at Joanne C. home.
    10. The motion to terminate the meeting was put forward by Chris seconded by Aaron. Motion passed and the meeting was terminated at 9:26 pm.

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