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December 2020 meeting minutes

MRA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

19:30 – Virtual meeting

Attended: Tim Ellis, John Homsy, Mike Majeski, Heather Mak, Adam Matheson, Emma Park, Mostafa Shaheen, James Stack,  Kevin

1) Quorum and Meeting Opening – Mike  

2) Approval of August Minutes – ALL  

  • Motion – Adam, Seconded – John. Approved. 

3) Christie’s Follow Up – Adam Question Follow Up 

  • They have answered our questions in some level of detail
  • They have agreed to allow us to publish their answers on our website
    • Adam to prepare the post

4) Vandyk Mimico GO Condo Development – Mostafa  

  • Meeting of the key stakeholders
  • 27 floor approval for the two buildings
  • Vandyk has requested a revision for higher buildings – 44 floors and 29 floors
    • No decision has been made
  • Main issue is traffic volumes on Royal York
    • Not a clear reply; they are engaged in traffic studies
  • No intention to close down Mimico station; may have to move the station entrance temporarily to accommodate construction activities   

5) Letter to Grimes and Police Follow Up – Mike  

  • Mike followed up with both Grimes and the Police department
    • Grimes office has stated they addressed the concerns in a previous statement they issued
    • Police department had originally responded, but did not follow up

6) Conservation Authorities Letter for Hogarth – Heather  

  • Adam and Heather drafted a letter to be sent to Hogarth
    • Looking for feedback from the group before sending
  • Bill 229, Section 6: was passed that strips conservation authority to protect wetlands or other areas they are charged with protecting
  • Concern that reduced regulation could eventually lead to environmental disasters/property damage, especially flooding in the Mimico area

7) 98 Superior Discussion  

  • Neighbours of the house did not want to see this place torn down. Applied for heritage status, nothing was granted 
  • Builders designed a home within the constraints of the city of Toronto guidelines to get a demo permit very quickly
  • Their approach was within the limits of the law

8) Mark Grimes Focus Group – Mostafa, Mike, & Adam  

  • Focus Group is to discuss the expansions of the original traffic study and ongoing traffic issues in the Mimico area
    • Date has not been decided on yet for the meeting
    • We will participate in the group discussion
    • We will use our platform to gather thoughts from our association membership to discuss at the focus group
  • Grimes’ office has proposed opening  the focus group to more community members 
    • They want to hear from a diverse group or residents 
  • Next step would be to plan a larger community discussion after completion of the focus group meeting

9) Bike Fatality Follow up – ALL 

  • No further comments

10) Membership Discussion Chris Moore’s Suggestion / Follow Up – ALL 

  • Mike to reach out to Chris and Anne (former integral board members) to discuss the process and ideas around garnering membership
    • Will send a summary of his discussion for us to act on

11) Other Business Moving Forward in 2021 – ALL  

  • No further comments

12) Next Meeting TBD – ALL 

  • Prospective members will join a Zoom info session call on Jan 13th at 7:30-8:30pm
  • Prospective board members will then join our usual MRA meeting on Jan 20th – 7:30-8:30pm

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