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December 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes for MRA Board of Directors meeting – Thursday Dec 3, 2015

Meeting in the home of Joanne Cortellessa

Present: John, Joanne C, Mary, Leslie, Chris, JoAnne M.

Regrets: Dana (Proxy given to JoAnne M), Kyra (Proxy given to John), Aaron, and Dan.

  1. As a quorum was present, John opened the meeting at 7:42 pm. He announced that Aaron Gilmore has resigned from the MRA Board of Directors.
  2. Approval of November 10, 2015 minutes: Leslie motioned to accept the minutes, seconded by Joanne C. Motioned passed unanimously.
  3. New members: Board members have put forward three potential new members. Action: John to email Leslie’s colleague that is interested in joining. John will contact Joanne C’s friend to arrange a meeting. John will also contact Chris Moore’s contact in January 2016.
  4. Shore line Towers: The OMB hearings ran for 2 weeks. The adjudicator did not hear all the information from the two parties. The OMB will be reconvening in February 2016. Their new proposal is for a 15 storey tower.
  5. Grand Ave Park Meeting: John & Chris attended with 75 Mimico residents. Issues-Some of the soil area has to be treated to ensure that the area is safe. Bonar Creek that is located near the site where the car tunnel may be built linking N & S Legion Rd will be appropriately considered. A green space south of the Go track’s and west of Park Lawn may be allocated as a green space with walking and bike trails. Mark Grimes would like it to be a multiuse park. There will be upcoming and ongoing community consultation.
  6. Mimico Judson Triangle Rejuvenation: John and Chris attended the consultation meeting in November. Mark Grimes had withdrawn the plan as he was not able to attend. Next NYCC is in February 2016. Action: The MRA will continue to monitor the issue, attend future meetings and support the rejuvenation plan.
  7. MLRM update: Environmental Review Tribunal occurred in April, 2015. ML lost the appeal. There have been minimal violations over the past few months. The city ML working group continues to meet. Joanne C has asked that one of the Judson residents be on the working group. This request has been denied by the working group. The city has still not found a relocation site. Kyra has been contacted by the MOE investigator (Pearl) regarding MLRM violations. Action: John will contact the investigator and write a letter in support of the Judson St. residents.
  8. Other business: The lawn bowling club at Coronation Park has been closed. Action: Chris to contact Mark Grimes regarding potential uses of the site and possible tour of the site.
  • AGM: Planning will begin in January. Venue will be secured. The meeting will be on March Thursday March 31, 2016.
  • Tree lighting will occur on December 6th at Amos Waite park at 4;30 pm
  • The Presbyterian Church Christmas bake and Crafter’s Fair is on Saturday December 12th from 9 am-4 pm.
  • “Christmas in Mimico” will be held at the Mimico Presbyterian Church on Sunday December 13 at 3pm. The event is hosted by the Mimico children’s choir.
  • Store Front Humber are having an open house on December 10th.
  1. The next MRA Board of Directors meeting will be held on Jan 7th 2016 at John’s home.
  2. John motioned to close the meeting, seconded by Joanne C. Motion carried. Meeting terminated at 9:35 pm.

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