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Councillor Grimes’ response to Mimico cyclist death and ML Ready Mix

Councillor Grimes provided a response to our letter about the tragic death of a cyclist on November 26th, reflecting on actions taken on road safety and provided an update on ML Ready Mix’s move.

Letter to the Mimico Residents Association – November 26

ML Ready Mix Update

1 thought on “Councillor Grimes’ response to Mimico cyclist death and ML Ready Mix”

  1. At least you got a reply,unfortunately it took tragic accident for it to occur.The Councillor mention`s the NEW light`s at RY Road and Judson.Unless an “advanced Green” is programed this area will turn into a bottle neck of frustration as all it take`s[it is happening now,i see it daily when i walk the dog]is one northbound vehicle attempting a left hand turn onto Judson,there is no room for any traffic[espeacially TTC vehicle`s]to move!!I`ve seen it backed up to the crosswalk in front of St Leo`s Parrish due to this…oversight???
    It need`s to be corrected ASAP.

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