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August 2023 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Rozhen, Mike, Jim, Tim, David, Emma, Lauren (Quorum)

The meeting opened at 7:35 pm, August 23, 2023.

President asked for a motion to accept minutes of the last Board meeting.  Moved by Don, seconded by Tim.  Motion carried.

President welcomed our guest, Mariyan Boychev with the City’s Climate Action Committee.  A presentation resulted in a discussion on what initiatives our Association could pursue with Mariyan’s assistance in submitting an Application for City funding.  September 15th is the deadline for applying this year.  Various ideas were presented – likely an energy efficiency project.  Tim to liaise with Mariyan.

August update items were reviewed.  The letter supporting further dialogue with the community on the XYZ Development Application was sent to the City Planner and copied to our Councillor.  

Emma has secured director’s insurance for this year.  Shreya is monitoring inbox emails to the Association.  

The Etobicoke Historical Society for Mimico has a walking program and Rozhen will liaise with the EHS.  

There is still a need for a new Treasurer to transition for next year – any volunteers?  

The MRA Halloween Dance was explained by Mike who is talking with the David Hornell school principal.

The MRA Survey was discussed.  Further input is needed  

The draft position paper circulated by Rozhen is an idea that needs further expansion.  The board is encouraged to submit ideas.  Inviting City staff to various Board meetings should be considered.

In the Open Forum item.  The Mimico Creek spill caused by the upstream factory fire was discussed.  The Board felt that a letter of concern should be sent to the environmental agency and Councillor’s office regarding the need for accountability and the need for transparency on the precise pollutants disclosed to the public.  

The date of the next meeting – September 27th (Virtual or hybrid)

The meeting terminated at 9:00 pm

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