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April 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

MRA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

19:30 – 20:30

Virtual meeting

Attendance:  Tim Ellis, Joe Fotia, Mike Majeski, Heather Mak, Adam Matheson, Jackie Monahan, Emma Park, Mostafa Shahein, James Stack

Regrets: John Homsy

All board members present except John Homsy

  1. Accepting February Board minutes – All
  • No objections to Feb minutes
  • Motion: Adam, Seconded Tim and Emma
  • Minutes are approved unanimously


2. Election of key roles – All

  • Chair members have technically stepped down at this point from their roles last year
  • 4 Roles to fill: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer
    • Roles are outlined in the charter
  • Board roles nominated by committee:
    • Mike Majeski- President
    • Adam Matheson – Vice President
    • Emma Park –Treasurer
    • James Stack – Secretary


3. Sidewalk Mural – Street Art proposal – Tim

  • City of Toronto has a grant program
  • Application was successfully submitted before deadline
  • City has responded and are unsure if the program will proceed given pandemic
  • Project is on hold at this moment


4. Event Schedule – All

  • The board is discussing events we will move forward with and what must be cancelled
  • Water-front clean-up – cancelled/deferred
    • Potential rescheduling for the Fall – pandemic dependent
    • Heather Mak is actively communicating with the city and sponsors
  • Party in the Park
    • We are communicating with the planning committee – typically this event is in June, therefore likely cancelled or deferred
    • Tim will be reaching out to Barb (a member of the Party in Park planning committee) about where the event stands
  • Halloween Dance
    • Communicating the event to the public is done around September
    • Booking the space is done in May
    • Adam to get contact information for event space and vendors from Chris (past MRA President)
    • During the next meeting we will make a committee to plan the event, so we are prepared to host if circumstances permit its viability
      • Joe and Jackie have expressed interest in helping to organize the dance


5. MRA during the pandemic:

Some suggested ideas?

  • Business Support: looking into building a list of local businesses that are currently open to post on our website for community members to reference
  • Grocery store wait time tracker for our social media accounts
    • Emma will investigate its viability
  • Board in favour of moving forward with an initiative to organize virtual meetings with our respective MP, MPP, and City of Toronto Councilor
    • We can host the meeting on a virtual meeting application (like Zoom or Skype) and then broadcast on our media accounts
    • Plan is host separate meetings with each public servant
      • Doesn’t need to be live, depending on their schedule
    • Tim to reach out to all three offices to gauge their level of interest
    • Mike to reach out to Daily Food Bank – a charity we are looking to support/promote as part of these informative sessions
  • Mostafa to explore other organizations (similar to MRA) that operate in the city and see what they are doing
  • Jackie – thinking of presentations we can host regarding managing the current situation/pandemic we are navigating and ideas and tips on getting through the challenging times
    • Will also discuss ideas with other committees she is on


6. General

  • Adam working on updating the online membership process for the MRA
    • Considering setting up an automated welcome email for new members
  • Joe to reach out to broker that handles our board insurance

7. Next Meeting:

  • May 13th @ 7:30 over Zoom was proposed and agreed upon by all members present
  • Mike to send out agenda
  • Heather to publish February meeting notes
  • James will disseminate April meeting notes

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