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April 2019 Board meeting minutes

Minutes for MRA Meeting

Wednesday Apr 3, 2019

7:30pm at Leanne’s House

1) Quorum and meeting opening

2) Introductions and welcome to new board

3) Approval of Feb Minutes- Kate motion; Deb seconded, all in favour

4) Elect new executive

  • The Board elected its executive for the 2019/2020 term. Motion put forward by Chris for the following executive: President (Chris), VP (Anne), Treasurer (Leanne), Secretary (Kate)- Seconded by Adam; all in favour

5) Discussion by the Board on administrative roles to be filled for the term

  • Action Items:
    i) E-news- The group agreed e-news should go out as needed and quarterly going forward. Next e-news to be sent out ASAP will include AGM summary info, Grimes update, Waterfront cleanup – Heather
    ii) Blog-lead – Heather
    iii) Backup to website – Joe
    iv) Website admin backup – Tim
    v) Facebook/Instagram – John to join team
    vi) Responding to media requests- Chris
    vii) Writing open letters- as needed
    viii) Google calendar for upcoming events -Chris, Bri, John
    ix) Membership admin- Tim to support Adam as needed
    x) Administration- annual Board insurance renewal- Joe to be point person and to connect with Kate as needed to review any policy issues.

6) AGM Close-out

  • The Board discussed possible improvements for next year which included:
    • Consider having developer reps, Metrolinx attend and speak
    • Create Developments list (summary and status)
    • Consider paper mailouts for info on AGM and inviting questions in advance
    • Membership drive- more people to help and have list of people who express interest in becoming members so we can follow up with them directly.
    • Motion to reimburse Leanne for thank-you gifts purchased for departing board members; put forward by Chris, seconded by Joe; all in favour
    • Action Item: Minutes & By Law Amendments on Website – Kate

7) Mimico Waterfront Cleanup – Sat Apr 27 in Amos Waites Park – Leanne/Heather

  • Action Item Adam to post ad on website\
  • Sidenote has proposed to team up with MRA and provide snacks/ coffee
  • Action Item Leanne will run by current sponsor to make sure they are ok with second sponsor
  • Action Item Leanne will speak to Sidenote about garbage free picnic

8) Update on Air Cadets presentation – Anne/Joe-

  • Joe provided summary of our attendance, there were three presentations given by MRA. Most air cadets were not Mimico residents. Formed relationship with squadron and are encouraged to reach out to notify them of future volunteer activities

9) Toronto Neighbourhood Summit: Is anyone interested in attending on Saturday Apr 6 10am to 4pm @ City Hall –

  • Adam to attend with Tim

10) Party in the Park – June 11, 2019

  • MRA will send volunteers
  • Deb, Leanne and Tim will meet with JoAnne to coordinate volunteers and come to next Board meeting with summary of our commitment (to keep granular planning out of meeting)

11) Pollinator Grant and Eco Schools – Kate

  • Kate provided a summary of the pollinator grant offered through Pollinate Toronto.
  • David Hornell is interested in partnering with Mimico Residents Association to have David Hornell host a garden on their grounds.
  • Grant deadline is May 1, 2019
  • Motion for MRA to partner with David Hornell to apply for the pollinator grant- Kate; Seconded Deb; Motion Carried.

12) Movie Night for Summer 2019?

  • Anne has reached out to Councilor Grimes’ office to see if they wish to partner with the MRA to host.
  • Option is either a Thursday, Friday or Saturday – Anne will coordinate with Councilor Grimes’ office to figure out available date.

13) Neighbourhood Character Guidelines and Lot Severances – MRA have received a request from a member of the community to support the following:

  • Push for neighbourhood character guidelines like those recently approved in Long Branch.
  • Support opposing lot severances (ie – developer appeals for 11&15 Stanley Ave)
  • Board discussed and determined this was not an issue they were able to take on at this time.

14) Next board meeting date & location: Thurs May 2 at Joe’s house, Thursday Jun 6 at Etobicoke Yacht Club

15) Bell Boxes/Lakeshore Arts

  • Chris has located 5 more boxes that could be painted. Subcommittee struck- Bri, Tim and Deb- to look at potential funding and possible next steps. Councilor Grimes’ office provided the required $10K funding last time and we will reach out to gauge interest in another initiative. Subcommittee will also reach out to Lakeshore Arts to see if they are interested in partnering.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45

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