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April 2018 MRA Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes for MRA Board of Directors meeting

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Meeting at the home of Cam


Present: Chris, Leanne, Leigh, Deborah, Kent, Anne, Kate, Adam, Cam

Regrets: Lesley, Andrew

As quorum was present, Chris moved to open the meeting at 7:40 pm.

Motion to approve January and February minutes by Deb, seconded by Anne; all in favour.

Election of Executive: Motion by Chris to appoint Chris as President, Anne as VP, Leanne as Treasurer, and Kate as Secretary. Seconded by Cam. All in favour.

Social media lead: Cam volunteered to head. Will work alongside Adam, Kate, Chris, Anne, and Leigh. Cam to explore Buffer account group access.

MRA AGM Debrief

  • Before next AGM review with membership team ideas for how to streamline/automate our sign-in process for the day of the meeting
  • Action: Adam to explore way to link Paypal info to member form data through WordPress to ease backend work.
  • Action: Cam to investigate how to encourage new membership.
  • Action: Kate to pass on new email subscribers’ names to Leigh to add to Mailchimp mailing list.
  • Ask elected representatives to attend again next year.
  • Coffee and snacks were a success. Will ask for sponsorship for coffee again and maybe for food.
  • Hard to hear speakers at the back of the room.  Next year get a microphone. Cam has a mic and amp.
  • Suggestion: FB live stream while AGM Q&As are on so people can watch from home or watch at a later time. Cam and Adam to consider for next year
  • Extend the meeting by a half hour (from 1.5 to 2 hours) to allow for more Q&A with elected representatives.
  • Motion by Chris: Cam to be reimbursed for food for AGM.  Leanne to be reimbursed for departing member gifts. Seconded by Adam. All in favour

Mimico Waterfront Cleanup, April 21st 10 am Mimico Square.

  • Promoted in Guardian, by Peter Milcyn and Mark Grimes.
  • Would like to identify groups to invite to join the cleanup. Scouts?
  • Action: Leanne to pick up garbage bags and gloves.
  • Action: Leanne to talk to Dana about Brownies/Guides getting involved

Tree for Me – Grant application – update by Kate and Kent

  • Submitted application; deferred until Fall
  • Long Branch Neighbourhood Association and LAMP both got grants
  • LAMP tie-in with gardening project may have helped her application.
  • Action: Kate to work on strengthening application in June and beyond, work with coordinator, and include Eric.
  • Action: Kate will look into more information on Garden plots.

Movie Night: Update by Anne

  • Anne contacted Kim at Mark Grimes office. Potential partnership, but would have to do before Aug 1st (due to election rules).
  • Location to be Mimico Centennial Park
  • Action: Anne to follow up with partner (416) directly; park permit would also be required.

Party in the Park, Tuesday June 12th

  • Joanne McKeown to coordinate our team’s roles including: selling tickets, garbage patrol, possibly serve burgers.
  • Volunteers: Leanne, Adam, Deb, Kate, Cam, Leigh, Chris, Lesley?

Lakeshore Leaders Forum

  • Kent and Anne attended
  • Values, concerns in line across 20 different organizations
  • Gave recommendations, but lacking in applicable strategies to date
  • Action: Anne to let Lakeshore Leaders Organizers know we will send 2 representatives to May 5th meeting (Adam, possibly Deb or Cam)

39 Newcastle Update

  • Cam representative on behalf of MRA
  • Action: Cam will provide a summary at the next MRA Board meeting along with a proposal for an MRA statement.

E-news call for content

  • Waterfront Cleanup

Guests to invite to future meetings:

  • Action: Chris to Invite Mystic Pointe Area Residents Association Board to May Meeting
  • Consider inviting City Councillor after election in Fall

Next meeting date and place: Monday May 7th, 7:30 p.m. at Chris’ house.

Meeting adjourned at 9:29pm.

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