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Mimico Pet Mayor: Voting is Open!

Voting for Mimico’s first Pet Mayor is officially underway!

All human residents of Mimico are eligible to vote; children may be assisted by adults to cast their ballots, but must at least be old enough to express their own preference. Your ballot asks for your street address and postal code so we can ensure that you live in Mimico and only vote once per person. If you’re unsure if you live within Mimico, please email and we will help you check.

We have a gallery of the candidates’ photos and bios below. Please familiarize yourself with the field of nominees and make your choice in this crucial election to determine the furry fate of our Pet Mayoralty! Voting closes at 8pm on Monday, October 24th.

We will hold a brief event on Election Day to announce the winner and celebrate! You can RSVP for the event here.

When you’re ready to cast your ballot, click here to vote:

Thank you for helping to make Mimico an incredible community!

1 thought on “Mimico Pet Mayor: Voting is Open!”

  1. Well i must say,going over the field of Candidate`s was indeed a treat,the variety as befit`s Mimico`s multi-cultural animal kingdom is indeed impressive.Unfortunately my Candidate has not yet reached the age of Maturity,or Majority!! and so must get her political teeth wet the old fashion way,knawing on her milk-bone`s……..That being said,for i`ve thought long and hard about this decision[almost as long as the Real Election!!!!]digested the Candidate`s political stance`s and my Vote is going to Mimico Max.His vision for the Good and Welfare for our Mimico Pet`s is unmatched,and the fact that he,unlike the blubbering Idiot we currently employ,actually has a vision for the Old Christie`s Bakery land`s,other than another 8 or 9 45 story vertical Tower`s is indeed music to these ear`s,plus you can`t beat that tie and the stern look of confidence he exude`s……nuff said:)Ruff-ruff-ruff………….

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