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25-Storey Tower Development Application behind Shoreline Towers

Shorelinetowers application

SHORELINE TOWERS (2313-2323 Lake Shore Blvd W.) has submitted a Development Application for a 25-storey condominium tower behind their existing 10 storey twin buildings. What do you think?

Shoreline Towers -  site detail with existing apartments and proposed tower

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The Application was submitted June 8th and was received as complete by City Planning. City Planning has 120 days (from June 10th) to hold a public consultation on this application and produce a Final Report for Etobicoke York Community Council. It is likely the application will be rejected by City Planning and the developer will then appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board. If the City does not process the application within the 120 day time-frame, the developer will be able to go to the OMB without a full City review of their proposal and without the public having an opportunity to provide input.

Shoreline Towers Application with Secondary Plan map and surrounding buildings

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The Mimico community went through years of extensive consultation, which resulted in a Secondary Plan being developed. The MRA supported the secondary plan which was then approved by the City.

Here are some aspects of this particular development that contravene the Secondary Plan:

  •  the tower is located directly where a lakeside road is proposed in the Plan. If a building is approved in this location, and so close to the existing buildings, there can be no road. The road is key to opening up Lake access points to the public, maintaining sight lines from Lake Shore Blvd. and providing sensible access to well-planned development in the future.
  • the tower is 25 storeys, steps from the Mimico Waterfront trail – there were no towers of this height proposed in such close proximity to the Lake in the Secondary Plan because they would crowd and shadow the Waterfront park.
  • the tower almost doubles the population on an already dense site – there are 266 units in the 10 storey buildings that are currently on the site. The new tower would add 241 units. There are immediate concerns re: infrastructure esp traffic and transit to support new residents.
  • other considerations: wind tunnel effects, reduction of open space, reduction of potential greenspace and open public space provided for in the Plan.

If you would like more information about this development, please click the links below to view Application materials (PDF documents):

To submit comments/concerns on this development please contact:
Bill Kiru, Toronto City Planning, (and CC: & )
or CLICK THIS LINK to automatically open an email with the appropriate email addresses and file information.

If you comment on this post or on Facebook, please also consider  sending your comments to City Planning so that they go on record with this file.

MRA will keep residents informed as to the status of this development and any opportunities for community consultation.

10 thoughts on “25-Storey Tower Development Application behind Shoreline Towers”

  1. I moved out of 2323 LSW in October 2015. One of the many things that drove me to leave was Shoreline Towers attempts to condo-ize the building, without any regard for their tenants.

    I loved the building’s close proximity to the lake, but not the locked gates that were put up.

    Will the existing waterfront park/path need to be moved farther out? Will the developer have to pay for that? The city shouldn’t.

    What about the marina that is there?

    Planning seems to be so time-focused on the short-term that once a project is completed, such as the waterfront trail, another project comes along that could disturb all of that work.

    There is already a prevailing feeling in south Etobicoke that it is significantly under-served by the City; to approve another high-density, higher-than-allowable height condo will leave our already limited resources bursting at the seams.

  2. This proposal ignores the pedestrian friendly plans that have been proposed with the roadway and access to the lake. How aggressively is the city fighting this?

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  4. This is quite the bold proposal from Shoreline Towers. To push this site density beyond its zoning is one thing but to shoe horn a 25 story tower right by the lake and encroach into the proposed open space ( as per the tiny plan the city sent out) is just plain rude.

    Come back with a resonable plan like one that involves removal of some of the aged building that are blocking access to the the lake.

  5. Does anyone have any update about the approval/beginning of the construction? I’m planning to move there, but I’m concerned about the disturbance.

    Thank you!

  6. This is a horrible idea that is not developed properly and was created too fast so they could make money. The parking lot for the twin towers is not large enough for a 25 story condo. So now you want to shove a condo in there AND push it toward the lakefront that people enjoy?! You’re definitely not thinking about us people. Even the site details above have great points for why this won’t work. Move along somewhere else, no one likes this idea just for you to make money.

  7. I live in the area and I do believe that intensification and traffic is a natural challenge of every fast growing city. I don’t like sitting in traffic but i’d rather take that over living in the suburbs.

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