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September 2016 MRA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes for MRA Board of Directors meeting

Tuesday September 13, 2016

Present: Deb, Chris, John, Mary, Joanne C., JoAnne M, Dana, Lesley
Regrets: Leanne, Dan, Kyra, Gavin.                 Guest: Michael C.

  1. As quorum was present Chris opened the meeting at 7:36
  2. PITP 2016 update: The event was a great success. Next year is the 20th anniversary. Action:  JoAnne & Joanne will remain on the planning committee.
  3. Update on June 2016 minutes: Lesley 10th anniversary history of the MRA is almost completed.  It will be posted on our web page. Chris received info on the Coronation Park lawn bowling building.  The City has money for renovation of the building.  Parks and recreation plan to renovate the building for community events.  Mary will add 10th anniversary to our logo. Lesley moved to approve the June minutes, seconded by Deb.  All in favor, motion passed.
  4. Halloween Dance
    • Date & Venue: Saturday October 29 @ St Leo’s auditorium. Action: Mary to book (6:30-8:30) and discuss what type of cleanup is required by us.
    • Sponsors:  Action: Dana to contact Sandy Bodnar regarding face painting. Lesley to contact Won at the Rec Room for sponsorship and the use of the plasma cars (6-8)
    • Decorations: Action: Deb will speak with amazing Party regarding decorations and look into getting dry ice.  JoAnne to contact Martha, to see if she is available to decorate and if Sam is available to do face painting.
    • DJ:  Warren has confirmed
    • MC: Action: Deb to ask Zark if he is available to MC the event.
    • Candy/Drinks/glow sticks: Action:  Deb will ask Zark if we can borrow his popcorn machine.  JoAnne & Joanne to inform Deb of the quantity of candy/glow sticks/water/ ring pops to purchase.
    • Crafts:  Action: Lesley will look at craft ideas.
    • Tickets: Tickets can be purchased off our website, at the door, and at the Rec Room.  Action: Kyra will print the tickets.
    • Lesley , Dan & Kyra will sell tickets at the Rec Room. Leanne will sell at the ARC.  Dana will publicize to Brownies. Mary will sell tickets at the choir & John English School.
    • Posters: Action: Mary to send an updated poster to JoAnne. JoAnne will have the posters printed.
  5. Shoreline Towers OMB Decision:  It is important for the OMB, City Planning, and our Elected Representatives to be aware that the community is involved and interested in maintaining the Mimico 20/20 secondary plan.   MLCN have participant status at the OMB so they would be able to state our concerns.
    Motion to work with MLCN to organize a public meeting to engage and inform the community regarding development at Shoreline Towers and the OMB decision.  Motion initiated by Dana and supported unanimously by the MRA board.There is a planning meeting scheduled for September22/16.
    Action: Chris, Lesley, John & Michael C. will attend the planning meeting. Mary will help with PR.
  6. Wesley Mimico United church has been bought by Montessori.
  7. Mimico Go Station Improvement delays.  The MRA has sent a letter to Metrolinx requesting that accessibility improvements are critical to the community and need to be performed as early as possible.  Action: Chris will contact Peter M voicing our concerns and ask for his support.  Mary will send action alert to our members as a blog post, and link to Facebook in the next week.
  8. Update on meeting with Mystic Point Residents Association. Leslie and Chris met with MPARA to share concerns.   Action: Chris to invite the MPARA to our November meeting and the MLCN/MRA community meeting regarding Shoreline towers.
  9. Park lawn Lake Shore transportation master plan: The city has invited the MRA to send 2 members to attend the next meeting (October5/16) meeting. Action: John to attend.
  10. Friends of Amos Waites Park – Chris has heard from various people that there should be a “friends of Amos Waites Park” to advocate for the park.   Direct interested parties to
  11. Next Meeting – Tues Oct 11th at Mary’s home. – Invite Councilor Grimes to a later meeting as agenda is too full for the next one.
  12. Dana moved to terminate the meeting, seconded by Mary.  Meeting terminated at 9:31 PM

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