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October 2015 MRA Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes for MRA Board of Directors meeting
Thursday October 8, 2015
Meeting at the home of Kyra Trainor at 7:30 pm.

Present: John, Chris M, Joanne C, Leslie, Kyra, Dana, JoAnne M.
Regrets: Daniel, Aaron, Mary, Michael C.

  1. As quorum was present John opened the meeting at 7:39 pm
  2. Approval of the September 15, 2015 Board meeting minutes. John asked that the meeting approve the September 2015 Minutes. The minutes were approved. Proposed by Leslie and seconded by Kyra. Motion passed.
  3. Aaron Gilmour has requested to step down from the position of Vice President due to work pressures and Chris Moore has accepted the position. A motion to confirm his appointment as VP of the MRA for the balance of the 2015-2016 year. Kyra proposed the motion and Joanne C seconded the motion. Motion passed.
  4. New Board members. Kyra has approached a neighbor, Leslie has put forward a colleague Mickey Milankov. Joanne C has put forward a friend. We would like to have a few potential members lined up for the AGM in April.
  5. Shoreline Towers update: We will continue to be involved and monitor the proceedings on the proposed development. Action: John will work on a written statement that we will put forward to the City.
  6. OMB attendance: Requires an enormous time commitment. Action: Attendance will depend on the MRA’s Board member availability.
  7. Store Front Humber Inc. Update: John & Michael C have been actively involved in discussions with SFH. The last meeting was on September 17/15. Action: John will talk with John Fulton re SFH. John will also send a letter to Ms. Costanza Allevata who is the City’s Branch Director responsible for Grants to leasees.
  8. MLRM update: Violations have decreased. A resident on Judson St has been sued by MLRM for defamation by MLRM. Action: We will continue to follow and monitor.
  9. Halloween dance arrangements:
    • Posters: Action-JoAnne M will provide the poster to Kyra for posting.
    • Food: Action- Aaron to contact Yummies Pizza. JoAnne M & Joanne C will purchase the candy and water
    • Coolers: Action-John & Kyra
    • Float: Action-Dana will arrange
    • DJ: Warren has confirmed
    • Ticket sales: Action-Kyra to print and distribute to the MRA members
    • Sponsors: Bondars to sponsor face painting; WON to sponsor and provide ride toys. Action: Pick up toys the afternoon of the event
    • Decorations: Action: Dana will get the decorations. JoAnne M. will contact Martha M. to see if she is available to decorate.
    • Kid’s table: Action- Dana to arrange a craft table
    • Flash lights and extension cords: Action- all Board Members to bring to the event.
  10. Other business: We have received concerns about traffic speed and stop signs on Hillside Ave (3 consecutive stop signs) from a local resident that we will post. Action: post and publicize. John to send the information from the resident to Mark Grimes, stating our support and requesting information on the background of the three stop signs on Hillside.
  11. Mimico adult center: Discussion on how to improve the center with limited/no funds. The Toronto District School Board have clearly stated that they have no funds to refurbish the centre. Mark Grimes has stated (in the past) that he would it to become the community centre for Mimico. Action: Invite Michelle N. (St Leo’s co-president of Parent Teacher Advisory Committee) to attend out next meeting to update us.
  12. Graffiti: John has been to 2 meetings with the BIA and police. John will speak to Pamela Gough (TDSB) whether it is appropriate that the the Anti-Graffiti Initiative Statement notices can go out to parents. The Mimico BIA is very concerned about this issue and has to pay for the removal of the Graffiti. Action: Joanne C will send out the anti-graffiti initiative statement for the Board’s review. We will discuss this issue at the next meeting in November.
  13. Our next meeting date: November 10, 2015 at the home of JoAnne M.
  14. John moved to terminate the meeting and the motion was seconded by Joanne C at 9.29 pm. Passed unanimously.


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