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MRA Follow up from February 6th community meeting concerning ML Ready Mix

DOWNLOAD MRA’s Minutes from Public Meeting – February 6, 2013

DOWNLOAD notes from Ministry of the Environment Meeting with ML – February 11, 2013

Follow up Letter below from MRA: February 14, 2013

Re: Follow up from February 6th community meeting concerning ML Ready Mix


Dear Councillor Grimes, Ms. Broten and Mr. Adams;

On behalf of the Board of the Mimico Residents Association, I’d like to thank you for making the arrangements for the meeting and your efforts to marshal a panel of staff from the appropriate departments to attend and respond to the issues and questions about ML Ready Mix. We appreciate that you allowed us to co-facilitate the question and answer session of this very well attended meeting.

We feel that both staff and the Judson Street area residents have a much better understanding of the complexity of the situation as a result. That is an essential first step in the right direction.

We understand that the City’s Municipal Licensing and Standards (MLS), Transportation, Building Inspections, Economic Development and By-Law enforcement will keep a closer eye on ML Ready Mix operations to preferably forestall and act on any infractions.

We understand that Mr. Adams of the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) will continue to monitor the operations of ML Ready Mix to ensure there is compliance with provincial standards.

There are some action items that resulted from the discussion:

  • Councillor’s office to assemble a list of contact numbers for the full range of complaints which the MRA will distribute to affected residents [MRA has now posted this information here]
  • Residents to call MOE with times and locations if they see waste bins on site or entering the site
  • Residents to call MOE if excessive noise from air horns or back up warning noise occurs
  • MLS to report back on whether the plant’s proximity to the senior’s home make this area a quiet zone
  • MLS to report back on the quantity of parking spaces that should be available to employees based on the size of ML Ready Mix
  • Residents should assess the problems of increased ML employee street parking and report any employee violations
  • Transportation to request increased enforcement of the speed limits on Judson Street
  • Transportation to confirm the safety requirements for the ML site entrance (trucks turning into site from oncoming lane)

As a further next step we ask that the Councillor request a meeting with the MRA Executive and City legal staff. We feel that they were the only party missing at the meeting and want to ensure that they be made aware of the situation. We also want to better understand their opinion on the legality of the ML Ready Mix and ML Disposal in this location.

The MRA looks forward to progress being made toward the eventual resolution of the situation. In the meantime, rest assured that the residents will continue to monitor and report back to you on this issue.

Again, thank you to all involved in this constructive meeting. We remain committed to promoting the quality of residential and economic life in and around the Mimico area.


Kyra Trainor, President
Mimico Residents Association

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