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Letter from MRA to the Ministry of the Environment Operations Division re: ML Ready Mix concrete batching

Sent: November 30, 2012  [Download PDF letter with images]

To: Application Assessment Officer
Ministry of the Environment Operations Division
Approvals and Service Integration Branch

Re: Reference: 011-7505; Ministry Reference Number 3301-8ZMLAZ Proponent: ML Ready Mix Concrete Inc.

Dear Application Officer,

The Mimico Residents Association is very concerned about this cement batching facility and its growing operations that continue to impact the residents living around it. The City has re-zoned this area to prevent future batching plants from operating in close proximity to the residential area. Unfortunately, the ML Ready Mix operation appears to have been “grandfathered in” at this site.

As we understand, this operation started as a Lumber Yard and has morphed into a batching plant without public consultation. The plant has continued to expand without any thought to the significant air quality, noise and traffic impacts on residents in the neighbourhood.

It is also our understanding that this facility has been operating without an Environmental License since 2003. Please let us know if we have misinterpreted this information. Getting clear answers on this matter has been very challenging.
We ask that ML Ready Mix be denied an Environmental License based on the lack of air quality for residents and the company’s continued expansion without considering their impact on the community.

Please find enclosed pictures of the location and its proximity to a residential area. In addition, we have also attached pictures of the traffic into this site. Although the traffic is not relevant to the environmental assessment it does indicate the scale of this facility.

We remain committed to promoting the quality of residential and economic life in and around the Mimico area.


Kyra Trainor, President
Mimico Residents Association
Cc: Councillor Grimes; Laurel Broten (MPP)

[Download PDF letter with images]

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