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Letter from Councillor Grimes re: Section 37 and local parks

TO: Kyra Trainor, President, Mimico Residents Association
RE: Status of Mimico Memorial and Amos Waites Park Projects
Use of designated Section 37 monies and community role

[In response to MRA’s letter dated March 6, 2013]

Received: April 22, 2013

Dear Kyra,

In response to your letter dated March 6, 2013, I am providing a status on these projects, including answers to your questions.

Mimico Memorial Park is still slated to receive some upgrading and, as always, we look forward to the community becoming involved. The $50,000 from Section 37 is still designated for this work. Until recently, we were dependent on the completion of a study and Environmental Assessment being conducted by Stormwater Management. There was potential for related construction to take place here; this work is no longer a barrier. At the same time, I do need to secure additional funds in order to complete anything meaningful for this park.

Amos Waites Park, as you know, will become part of ‘the heart of Mimico’, and as such, the park is slated for significant refurbishment. The $250,000 from Section 37 monies remains dedicated to this project, however, I need to amass an additional $250,000 minimum, in order to consider beginning this project.

Please note, it is standard practice for my office to engage with local communities on any park project. In my mind, that is the only way to meet their needs and, in the end, the completed projects are always enhanced by such efforts.

Thank you for your continued collaboration and contributions to the community. Please contact me if you need further information on these projects.


Mark Grimes

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1 thought on “Letter from Councillor Grimes re: Section 37 and local parks”

  1. To the MRA:

    As you may be aware, I also directed comments to Councillor Grimes regarding the needed upgrades at Mimico Memorial Park. I think we need to keep pushing (Grimes) for action on this front. The water facility is dreadful. Cracked and rough pavement, along with the small size it is, set up for unsafe and unhealthy conditions. Anyone can see that the number of children in the neighbourhood is increasing dramatically – just look at the acivitiy at the playground after school/work; the numbers have doubled over the past couple of years. The ‘oversized bathtub’ was already overcrowded and like soup on hot days last summer.

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