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History of the Mimico Residents Association – Celebrating 10 years Since Incorporation!

mra-logo-blue-celebrating-10-yearsFind out about the MRA’s roots, who was involved and how we started. Visit our new History of the MRA page for the whole story!


The MRA was incorporated on July 25th, 2006. Upon the reminder of the 10th year anniversary since incorporation, founding member, Sandra Van, a founding executive member, exclaimed, “Wow 10 years…the idea is the easy part but sustaining a volunteer group/organization requires commitment, leadership and effort…so, congratulations.”  Other founding members include: Christine Campbell, Jim Sanderson, Martin Vince, Heather Brown, Tina Blandford-Grosse, Jody Kew, Matthew Day, Shane McDonald, Bob Poldon, Kendra Pennycooke, Meghan Buck, Sandra-Ann Gene, Steven Kitson, and the MSRA Interim President at the first meeting, Margaret Anne McHugh.

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