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Current Projects and Issues

This map shows the MRA catchment area and the locations of current projects the MRA is following and speaking into. Click on the map to open and view each project.

ML Ready-Mix Relocation

ML Ready Mix was supposed to vacate their current location on June 30th following a “termination of lease and eviction notice” from the City. The MRA sent a letter to Councillor Grimes underscoring the importance of this to the community. However, ML Ready Mix has not left and is still operating at the exact location. They have obtained a court injunction and are now in litigation against the City and several individuals, including Mark Grimes.

Action Steps:
– Meet with Councillor Grimes to clarify the City’s plans

Councillor Grimes held a Mimico Neighbourhood Traffic / Mobility Study meeting on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, to present the findings and actions to address the Mimico residents’ concerns. See the details.

Action Steps:
– Attend the meeting and present concerns
– Follow-up on the process for the changes