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Update on ML Ready Mix – May 2014

Acoustic Barrier: As required by the Ministry of the Environment, ML ready mix completed the extension to their wall/fence on March 19, 2014. Since that date, ML has failed two consecutive independent acoustic audits. It is unclear what the next steps are for ML in order to provide the noise abatement measures necessary to meet the MOE environmental compliance agreement (ECA).

ECA Violations : ML continues to start and finish daily operations outside the city bylaws/MOE ECA. To date ML continues to have more than three aggregate trucks enter the facility per hour (the MOE limit is three/hour), and trucks idling on Judson St.. Although violations are logged by the local residents, ML continues to deny all violations. Their continued infraction’s has resulted in the MOE monitoring their hours of operation as well as the number of aggregate trucks delivering supplies. The MOE has stated that trucks operating before or after the set hours of operation are indeed violating their ECA.

Committee of Adjustments (CoA): On April 24, 2014 ML appealed to the CoA for a request for variances to legalize their illegally built buildings. This request was denied. ML has now appealed to the OMB to request variances for the same illegally built buildings that were considered a major variance by the CoA. The city of Toronto will provide legal counsel to oppose ML’s request. Members of the community can attend, however they will not be allowed to speak at the hearing.If ML is denied variances at the OMB, the courts would likely issue an order to have the buildings removed. This court order could be appealed by ML Ready Mix at least once. It is important to note that his order would not be to close the business, just remove the buildings. The buildings could go back up, but considering the limited space it would be near impossible to continue to operate.

Toronto Public Health Air Quality Report: The air quality was tested on Kipling approximately 2 km’s from ML Ready Mix. It was suggested by council to repeat this study less than 100 feet from the site. Air quality is tested over an extended period of time, making it impossible for ML to alter their activity to improve the air quality.

Etobicoke York City Council Meeting. An evening council meeting arranged by Mark Grimes on May 13, 2014 allowed the councilors to hear the frustration voiced by nearly a dozen residents of Harold and Judson St, and included Aaron Gilmour from the MRA. The council is in support of the community however, it will take time before we will see a relocation of the buissness. Mark Grimes has asked the city to expedite the search for properly zoned cement batching property to help facilitate ML’s relocation. Doug Ford put forward a motion to request Deputy City Manager John Livey to look into moving the works yard on Commissioner St. to another location to allow ML Ready Mix to relocate.Council also suggested the installation of camera’s so both the city and MOE would be aware of the daily violations and not tie up limited resources monitoring this business. Mark Grimes is to set up a working group to include MOE, and other community stake holders.

Media Coverage: CBC interviewed local residence about ML Ready Mix on May 13, 2014. The news cast can be viewed at

Article in Guardian Newspaper dated May 13, 2014 can be viewed at





1 thought on “Update on ML Ready Mix – May 2014”

  1. It’s nice to see people aren’t putting up with the BS of this company. Too often over the yeas companies would break rules or laws with the attitude that they won’t get caught & if they do it will be too late to matter. I’ll celebrate the day this company is no longer allowed to continue their sleazy business habits.

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