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September 2022 Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Attendees: Rozhen, Neil, Jim, Mike, Lauren, Tim, Emma, Philip, John

Regrets: David


  • Approval of August 2022 Meeting Minutes (2 min)
    • Neil First
    • Tim Second
  • 2022-2023 Planning (45-60 min) – continued

Deck we will use to guide this discussion

  • Review of Internal communications structure & new tools/resources
  • Framework for Community Consultations
  • Interaction model
  • Next Steps
  • Halloween event (15 min) 
    • Context: Mike has confirmed that we will be able to hold this event at John English as long as we get a permit
    • Key actions: we need to assemble a sub-committee to kick off planning for this event ASAP and will need volunteers
      • Historically event happens Friday before Halloween (Oct 28 – 6:00-9:00 pm)
        • Everyone HOLD date until confirmed by Mike 
      • John English permit was rejected
        • The old principal is looking into the application to get more information as to why it was rejected. 
      • Other options for the venue: Polish Hall, LAMP, Legions, etc. 
      • Lead time will be a few weeks once key information is locked in the venue, date, and time.
      • Jim to add “save the date” to the campaign flyer if the timing aligns 
  • Membership campaigns (15 min)
    • Context: As part of our strategic plan, we set a target of 200 members by the 2023 AGM and have had discussions of various strategies to achieve this, including a door-to-door campaign scheduled for Sept 24-25
    • Key actions: Review and discuss progress made on our billboard feature and door-to-door membership campaign.
      • Door-to-door campaign to be scheduled as a group. Emma to send out a survey for the best weekend 
        • Tim to put together a schedule to keep everyone coordinated and track locations hit
        • Jim created a brochure draft
          • Tim to provide a QR code for the website
        • Philip offered to print flyers for a mail drop; test of approximately 2000 flyers.
          • Jim to create content for flyers. 
          • Mike to connect Philip to the print house. 
          • Emma to create an invoice for $500 to Philip’s company.
        • Some money is available in the MRA budget if required (for door-to-door brochures)
        • Philip has connections to Mimico Tennis Club – request blast to membership.
      • Billboard for membership
        • Mike to draft simple design 
      • Billboard for Halloween Dance
        • Jim to draft in coordination with Mike 
  • New website (15 min)
    • Context: Our new website is set to be launched Sept 14, once we get remaining content for the new site
    • Key actions: Members to provide their feedback before website is finalized, Jim to provide additional context
      • New website:
        • Website to go live before campaign/mailing
        • QR code for survey needed 
        • The development section needs to be refined:
          • Jim to recreate or redirect viewers to the UrbanToronto map/database.
          • Blog posts as necessary (not required for launch)
          • Guiding principles to be developed (agenda item for another meeting)
  • Quick updates (10 min)
    • Mimico Pet Mayor – Tim
      • 14 submissions 
      • Invite for in-person event when scheduled 
    • MRA billboard feature – Mike
      • See notes above
    • Social media strategy – Emma, Lauren
      • Calendar created 
      • Emma/Lauren to connect offline for initial Brainstorm
    • Fall newsletter – Neil
      • Quarterly newsletter 
      • Fall newsletter within the next few weeks
        • Newsletter material to be sent to Neil by September 16th
        • Neil to send draft out next week (sept 19)
        • Include website launch date 
    • ML Ready Mix – Lauren
      • No further action 
    • Development updates and fact sheets – John, Tim, Rozhen
      • John/Lauren to complete fact sheets 
      • High-level summary to be posted on website 
    • High Park pedestrian-only proposal – Neil
  • Schedule October board meeting (1 min)
    • Week of Oct 17th recommended
      • 90 min meeting on October 13th 
        • Tim to provide Zoom link


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