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Sept 2015 MRA Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes for MRA Board of Directors meeting September 15, 2015

Present: John, Joanne C, Aaron, Mike C., Lesley, Daniel, Kyra, JoAnne M.
Regrets: Chris, Mary, Dana

A quorum was present. John moved to open the meeting at 7:41pm.

  1. June 4,2015 meeting minutes were approved
  2. Storefront Humber building and preparations for new tenancy in 2016. Last meeting with Storefront Humber was in July. Next meeting is on September 17th. The MRA goal is to ask for availability of rooms, room size, etc. The city has asked the Mimico BIA and MRA to list potential leases for the SFH building. The next step after the 17th meeting is to approach Councillor Grimes to discuss the best use of the building to serve the community. Action: John and Michael C to attend.
  3. Graffiti issue and meeting. A meeting was held in August discussing the tagging of buildings. BIA and MRA concerned about this ongoing issue.
  4. Wesley Place status. To date they have sold 25% of the units.
  5. Amos Waites Park. Phase II is still on track for completion of the splash pad and washroom for summer 2016.
  6. Police walk-about and B & E occurrences. The BIA & MRA walked around the community (3rd week in August) with 8 police officers including an inspector. The police vowed to monitor the area where loitering and other unsavory and illicit activities are taking place. Action: John to bring this to Mark Grimes attention.
  7. MLRM update. OMB has suggested the parties (Metrolinx & ML) use mediation to solve the easement issue. Violations have reduced since ML has placed an employee monitoring and directing the flow of trucks. They are now closing on time. Judson St residence have set up a Facebook page “Judson St community organization” (JSCO).
  8. Shoreline Towers update. Action: Michael C to attend the next MLN meeting Sept 16/15.
  9. Mystic Pointe/Manitoba Street–no update.
  10. Royal York Avenue development progress. Icon Development is moving forward with the construction of stacked town homes. Omar’s car care centre property is demolished and will be replaced with town homes.
  11. On-The-Go condo development and construction status. Need an update from Icon.
  12. Halloween Dance – Date: October for 30th at St Leo’s.
    Actions: Tickets: Kyra will make and print tickets
    Pizza: Aaron to check with Yummies
    Poster: Mary has the template and JoAnne M will get them printed.
    Mary to add the Halloween Dance info to the John English news letter
    Candy: Joanne C and JoAnne M to pick up candy and water
    Popcorn: Kyra to ask Zark if we can use his popcorn machine
    Sponsorship: Kyra will ask Icon Homes, Bodnar, and the Rec Room.
    Toys: Kyra to ask Won at the Rec room
    Craft table: Kyra to ask Dana to arrange
    Decorations: JoAnne to ask Martha M if she would be available
    Bodnar: Kyra to contact
  13. New business: Aaron regrets that he has to step down from the VP position. Position is open. Mike H has resigned from the Board. We are looking for new board members. John to facilitate action on this.
  14. John moved to terminate the meeting. Kyra seconded the motion. Motion carried. Meeting terminated at 9:13. Next meeting Thursday Oct 8, 7:30 at Kyra’s.


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