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Response from Councillor Grimes re: Mixed use path signage

Received via email August 13, 2014 in response to MRA’s letter April 2, 2014.

Re: Improving Mixed-Use signage on Mimico’s Waterfront Trail

Dear John,

Thank you for your letter of April 2, 2014 stating your concerns and looking towards solutions for issues along the Mimico Waterfront Trail. The Waterfront trail, like the vast majority of trails in the City of Toronto, is considered a shared path. As you have noted, this often leads to conflicts between different users moving at various speeds.

To address similar concerns in the neighbouring Humber Bay Shores Area, City of Toronto Cycling Infrastructure staff intend to install new signage to inform users of trail etiquette. It is our aim to ensure this signage covers Mimico as well. Interestingly, these concerns and more were shared with me and various City staff in a community consultation held April 16 2014; about 100 attended and many were from the Humber Bay, the Mimico area and beyond.

The City of Toronto is also in the process of implementing a much broader Wayfinding Strategy which is currently in the pilot phase. Once completed and implemented city wide, the strategy will pay special attention to the City’s waterfront trail system.

In general, the City’s approach is to implement shared use paths. Concerns have arisen in the past regarding separate paths for distinct use. Most notable are the liability concerns of developing what would essentially be, commuter paths, and the resultant expectation that they be maintained to the standard of a road network. However, this is definitely a proposal that deserves further consideration.

Finally, my staff will share materials with MRA that seek to address some of the abovementioned issues. If you have any questions, contact my office at 416-397-9273 or,


Councillor Mark Grimes

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