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Pay For Membership

Thank you for signing up to the Mimico Residents Association.

PAY with PayPal using a Credit Card or PayPal Account

No PayPal account required.

1 Year Renewals/Memberships submitted between:

  • Jan 1 – Jun 30 expire the upcoming January 1
    (Example: Jun 2020 Purchase expires Jan 2021)
  • Jul 1 – Dec 31 expire the following January 1
    (Example: Jul 2020 Purchase expires Jan 2022)

Similar rules apply for 2 and 5 year memberships.

One-time payments

Household MRA membership (select number of years)
Name of 1st Household Member

1 thought on “Pay For Membership”

  1. This community is in need of cleaning of graffiti, fixing sidewalks and roads left a mess my contractors, finally curbing speeding cars and trucks and the excessive noise from altered mufflers.

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