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November 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday Nov 8, 2018 – Chris’s House

Present: Anne Arthur (minutes), Deborah Burgess, Leanne Faber, Adam Matheson, Chris Moore (chair), Kent Schroeder, Lesley Rowe Strong

Regrets: Leigh Graham, Kate Leslie Johnston, Cam Smith

  1. Quorum obtained; meeting began at 7:35 pm
  • Approval of October minutes Chris
    • Moved by Lesley, seconded by Deborah.  All in favour – approved.
  • Tree for Me Closeout – Chris/Leanne
    • Essentially wrapped up – Kate can provide a more comprehensive update at the next meeting.
    • $438.85 of grant money obtained was spent + $250 to LSA for accounting services.
    • Kate has requested photos – ACTION: Adam to send Kate photos he took at TFM event.
  • Halloween Dance Closeout – Chris/All
    • Financial Summary – Leanne
      • $150 sponsorship received from Old Mill Realty, after the event. 
      • Total profit = $1937.19.
    • Improvements for Next Year
      • Tattoos and colouring pages were popular – Lesley suggested that we add an additional craft table next year (total = 3 tables)
      • Start with 15 pizzas
      • Only four advance tickets were sold – next year we will not do paper tickets.
      • Remember – more power bars!
      • Did not need popcorn.
      • Price list needs to be updated – inconsistent pricing, everything should be a dollar – currently some things are .50 and .75.
      • Safer candy.
    • Chris will look into booking Mimico Adult Centre early before summer.  Leanne raised that the Mimico Library may also work as an alternate location.
  • Vandyke GO Station Development Proposal Meeting Update – Adam/Chris
    • Adam provided an update on the Nov 5th meeting with Vandyke.  Will be redeveloping the ‘Mimico on the GO’ land, adding underground parking for the station. 
    • Tunnel will connect Blue Goose St to platforms.
    • Mixed use development – planning to incorporate some non-residential uses.
    • Vandyke is planning to hold an open house in early 2019 – they will share info with us to distribute when it is available.
    • ACTION: Adam will post a short summary of the meeting to Facebook, providing an information update to the community.  Plans for January open house will be shared.
  • Invitation from Mimico by the Lake BIA to have MRA rep attend their board meetings at 8am on the second Wed of every month
    • Chris will ask Alison Juda from the BIA to share the agendas with him.  He will share with the board and if anyone is interested they can attend.
  • Update on Third Lakeshore Leaders’ Forum – Adam
  • Round table format, fewer presentations than previous meetings.
  • Looking to create sub-groups/committees to focus on specific issues of relevance to the neighbourhood (e.g., traffic, transit, voter engagement)
  • Next LLF meeting will be in January, planning to host a town hall involving all levels of government.
  • AGM Planning – Chris
    • Location (Mimico Library) and date (March 21) have been confirmed.
    • Councillor Grimes & MPP Hogarth have been invited to speak.
  • Nominating Committee Update – Anne
    • Anne provided a status update.  One ‘meet and greet’ has been held, and an additional meeting has been set for late November. 
    • The board discussed the number of vacancies that need to be filled for the 2019/2020 board.
  • Other Business
    • MRA Instagram Account – Anne provided an update that an Instagram account has been created for the MRA.
    • Chris will connect with MPP Hogarth to organize a meet & greet – introduce ourselves, tell her about the MRA and the work that we do in the community
    • The group discussed some ideas and plans for the future, and agreed to hold a strategy/planning meeting in early December to further discuss.
    • Cam Smith has resigned from the MRA Board
  • Next meeting date and time
    • Thurs Jan 17, location TBD

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